If you are looking to learn more about what salicylate sensitivity is, what foods contain salicylates, what products contain salicylates and a brief overview of multiple chemical sensitivity, this is the place to start. The following pages contain a plethora of knowledge about salicylates and salicylate sensitivity gathered from a number of different resources.

We truly hope that the information here is helpful and encouraging for you. But, please know that this information is meant to be only a starting place for your research on salicylate sensitivity. Once you have read these pages I strongly encourage you to visit the forum for more information on multiple chemical sensitivity. There are people there who know far more about allergies and sensitivities then what is covered on these pages and who are eager to help.

This page contains a list of foods and breaks down which one’s are high in salicylates, which one’s are moderate in salicylates, which are low in salicylates and which have negligible amounts of salicylates. I hope you find it to be a wonderfully helpful resource.

Our product guide is a listing of a few personal care and household supplies that do not contain salicylates. We cannot vouch for every ingredient in every product, but these products are all salicylate free and if you are looking to avoid salicylates these products can help.

Everything you wanted to know about salicylate sensitivity is contained on this page…well, maybe not EVERYTHING. But, it is a great starting place and will tell you what salicylate sensitivity is, what the symptoms are and how to deal with it.

Many people who suffer from salicylate sensitivity also suffer from multiple chemical sensitivity. The focus of this site is strictly salicylate sensitivity, but this page will give you a rough over view about what multiple chemical sensitivity is. If you are interested in more information on multiple chemical sensitivity please visit our forum, as many of the members suffer from this and are very easy to help others who are dealing with MCS.