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Welcome to the Salicylate Food Guide. This list has been composed out of many lists from a variety of sources and I hope that it will be a complete and helpful guide to you. However, you will notice that some foods are not on the list. If there is something missing from the list it is because it has not been tested for salicylates or there was not enough complete evidence suggesting which category it should go under. I recommend that you avoid items that are not on the list as they may contain salicylate, especially during the elimination diet. After doing the elimination diet you can try out foods not on the list to see if they cause a reaction for you, but I would recommend doing this with caution and under the supervision of a doctor/specialist as anaphylactic shock can occur from introducing too many salicylates into your system at once.

I hope this Food Guide is helpful to you. If you find yourself overwhelmed by how many things contain salicylates and how few things there are that have negligible/low amounts of salicylates check out our Recipe Page for helpful recipes made only from things in the negligible and low categories.

Nuts & Seeds
Seasonings, Condiments, Sauces & Toppings
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Baking Supplies
Commercial Snacks


Negligible Low Moderate High Very High
Plain potato chips (read the ingredients list) Apple chips (only if homemade from acceptable varieties of apples) Popcorn

Popping corn

Chewing gum (all flavors)

Fruit flavored candy, gelato, ices, popsicles, sherbet, sorbet, and sweets

Licorice/liquorices (all flavors)

Mint/peppermint/wintergreen flavored candy/sweets

Pickles (and anything pickled)