Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)

Multiple Chemical sensitivity is outside the focus of this site, but I cannot ignore the fact that many who suffer from salicylate sensitivity also suffer from multiple chemical sensitivities. Because of this it seemed necessary to give at least a general overview about multiple chemical sensitivity. The forum also contains much more information on this subject and many of the forum members suffer from MCS and are quick to help others who are suffering from this often frustrating ailment.

A little about MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities)

Non-food related chemical sensitivities are called MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) and occur when a person reacts, sometimes extremely seriously, to various chemicals in the environment around them. The reaction can be brought on by any chemical that the person has come into contact with (it does not necessarily have to have skin contact). Such things as perfumes, plastics, carpets, paint, and cleaning products are just a few examples of things that might cause a reaction in someone with MCS.

People who have a food sensitivity (such as a salicylate sensitivity) will sometimes have or develop MCS. One reason for this is that the problem food/chemical (i.e. salicylate) may be used in the manufacturing process of various products. This can cause a serious problem for people with salicylate sensitivity.
It is best to limit your exposure to salicylates, fragrances, and chemicals as much as possible in order to avoid unwanted reactions.