State of the Site Address

State of the Site Address

Well, it’s been almost exactly a year since I’ve written or been on the site. There is much to say… but, let me start by saying I’m sorry. I’m sorry for just stopping writing and answering emails and being involved on the forum. I’m sorry for basically abandoning this site.

In many ways the site got far bigger than I had ever expected it too and began to require much more time than I had to give. I began to feel very overwhelmed by so many people asking for my help and advice. I began to feel terrified of giving people advice that would cause them to get worse and not better. I’m not a doctor and as I learned more about health and different philosophies of health I began to feel more and more inadequate and unequipped to handle a health site this big. The emails began to pile up and many began to go unanswered and soon I just started avoiding it all together. Eventually my husband took down the contact page all together so that we didn’t have even more emails going unanswered. I’m not proud of how I handled the situation. I didn’t handle the sites growth and my overwhelmed feelings associated with it well at all. I’m sorry for that.

The site has gotten bigger than I can handle and I don’t have enough time to devote to it anymore, but I do want this site to remain up and running and continue to be a source of help to people. My husband (Bryan) and I want to make some changes that will make it more manageable and also more of a helpful resource for all of you. You will probably be hearing from Bryan soon on the forum about more specifics on the changes we have in mind.

You may have noticed that there are a few more ads on the site now. We are doing that to help cover the cost of the site so that we can keep the site up and running. In the past few years that we have had this site it has not produced enough money to cover its own operating costs and we have spent personal money to maintain it. Now, due to a change in our financial situation, we cannot afford to continue to do that. We do want to keep the ads to a minimal though and we would appreciate it if you would inform us if you ever see an ad that you think is inappropriate or should not be on the site. Because we use google adwords we do not hand pick the ads that are displayed and therefore we do not personally endorse any of them, but we do not want inappropriate ads showing on our site.

Many of you have expressed concern about the future of the site and I want to reassure you that we plan on continuing to host and maintain the site for as long as people are finding it to be valuable. We plan on putting up the contact page on the site again and will read every email, but we want people to know up front that we will not be able to personally respond to every email and most questions should be directed towards the forum. We will work on some changes to improve the usability and helpfulness of the site, but because of a number of other things going on in my life at this stage my own personal involvement will continue to be limited. We will continue to keep the information on the blog up and available, but I will not be updating the blog anymore except for maybe communicating technical changes to the site that you all should know about. My participation in the forum will also likely continue to be scarce.
For the past year I have felt guilty about my lack of involvement and about how I left things here on the site, but now as I look at how well the forum has continued to grow even without me I feel freed up and encouraged that it’s ok for me to continue to have a less dominant presence on the site. There are many people involved in this site who have much more knowledge in this area now than I do and I can feel honored to be able to give you a place to share your knowledge without feeling guilty for not being able to share more myself. I feel grateful for the direction that the site has taken and will take with more involvement from all of you and less from me.

Much in my life has changed since I wrote last. My health has greatly improved, thanks to the help of a skilled doctor and a strict vitamin regime. My husband and I have both gone through job changes. We’ve begun to experience our first real bouts with culture shock and we’ve experienced our fair share of drama with family and friends. There is much in the next year that looks uncertain and insecure. I don’t know where I will be in the future and whether or not at some point in the future I will be able to fully engage in this site again, but for now I feel like I can do what I can to wrap up the loose ends here, optimize things to make them most helpful to you, and then turn things over to all of you, trusting that the site is in good hands whatever my involvement level is.

I thank each of you for the time you’ve spent on the site and the forum helping each other and building this into a place where people can find information that can help them turn their health and their lives around. I am grateful for each of you.

Health to you and yours –

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