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    • CommentAuthorPoppie007
    • CommentTimeApr 18th 2016
    Hi, I can sympathise I am in much the same boat.

    I am Gluten, Dairy, Sulfite, and Salicylate intolerant with MCS(Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) with extreme problems with perfumes/household chemicals and multiple food allergies too. I was recently advised to go Vegan, which I have done and it has helped me with my Ulcerative Colitis, that being said, I can hardly eat anything. I am seeing a holistic doctor in a couple of weeks as I have read some interesting information on NAET treatment and so I am going to give that a shot. I ache everywhere which I believe is directly related to Salicylate intolerance, no idea really, but I am determined to get better!!
    • CommentAuthorKarenH
    • CommentTimeApr 25th 2016 edited
    Hi-I'm new to the forum.

    I'm a mid 40s woman in Canada, and was diagnosed with salicylate sensitivity in my 30s. There was no information back then really so I kind of ignored the doctor. Went through allergy shots (for my EVIL pollen allergies), which were a huge help and I actually didn't react to the fresh fruit as much. In the midst of that my son had huge reactions to food dyes and additives, so I began cooking everything from scratch and really watching our diets. Then after a period of massive, prolonged stress (family deaths, illness, moving, job changes) I started eating nuts and the fruits again. Partly because I wasn't reacting much anymore, and my son moved out so I thought I could let up on the avoidance a little. I bought a bit more processed food and made things he couldn't eat.

    I've been sick repeatedly ever since. Mostly sinus infections and colds, along with crushing fatigue. I'm always congested. At first I thought it was because we moved and my shots had worn off, but then I remembered the salicylate diagnosis after I had breathing symptoms from drinking red wine.

    Anything heavily scented (air fresheners, candles, detergents) bring on coughing and wheezing, strong perfumes trigger migraines. My entire family uses unscented, additive free products. I'm going back to the allergist sometime soon but have gone back to watching what I eat. Fortunately I'm not nearly as sensitive as some here-spices aren't an issue, as far as I can tell.

    So far, what I react to is mostly fruit (apples, peaches, nectarines, cherries, plums, apricots, kiwi) and nuts (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts), red wine, and any strong chemical scents or detergents. I usually get an itchy mouth/throat, congestion, sneezing, runny nose, wheezing, breathing issues and sometimes a migraine. I love to cook so I make most of my food from scratch anyhow, so that helps a lot. I have reacted very badly to 3 different antibiotics and Reactaine (an antihistimine) doesn't appear to work anymore.
    • CommentAuthorMarja E
    • CommentTimeSep 26th 2016

    I'm 37 years old now. I've had worsening hyperacusis, for the past 4 years, and vertigo/disorientation after being hit by flashing/strobing lights, as well as nerve pain and post-exertional migraines. I've been cutting back on salicylates, because they can aggravate hyperacusis. Even so, I get hit with too much noise/pain too often, I have to wear ear protection to go outside, and I have to avoid busy intersections to cross the street. I'd had atypical senses to begin with. I've also had asthma all my life. I spent years using tea and baking soda along with my inhalers to get through my attacks. I haven't been able to quit the tea, though I've quit chai and cut back. I've also had polyuria for 24 years, which might affect my ability to get salicylates out of my system.

    I'm a woman in my early 30's years from Angola suffering from anemia.

    I've recently been diagnosed with being allergic to aspirin, sodium benzoate, sodium salicylate, MSG (glutamate), food colourant (erythroceine, patent blue v, indigo carmine, brilliant black).

    This site has been invaluable in helping me cope and accept this diagnosis.

    Besides those allergies, I'm also allergic to grass (rye and timothy) and I'm due to do further testing for possible allergy to cashew nuts, papaya and penicillin.
    I've been on the strict failsafe diet for the past 3 months (had a few lapses) and i take 1mg Zaditen and 10 mg singulair daily.

    I would like to thank the current members and I hope I too can help others like they've helped me with their past discussions.
    • CommentAuthorJet
    • CommentTimeJul 7th 2017

    I am a teen who has suffered from SS all my life. I am excited to talk to other people who have the same problem as I do
    Welcome Jet.
    I can't imagine dealing with this as a teen.
    • CommentAuthorEliza12
    • CommentTimeAug 17th 2017
    I'm new - 42 years old, started suffering from sudden food allergies (or so I thought) around age 38, and my diet quickly became meat only. Meat only didn't work for me - I became extremely fatigued and hypothyroid. I started adding back in foods one at a time, and eventually realized what most of the foods I was reacting to had in common - salicylates. Salicylate rich foods give me eczema and hives, fatigue, bad headaches, acne, and most recently, joint pain. Worst culprits are olive oil, spices, most fruits, and certain veggies. I'm looking forward to learning more on this forum.
    • CommentAuthorWendy Lady
    • CommentTimeAug 19th 2017
    Hi Eliza12, it is nice to see a fellow new member on here :)

    I am 34, and live in the UK, Hatfield Herts for the last couple of years and before that Hornsey, North London.

    I have been suffering with food related issues for over a year now and but initially ascribed the symptoms to other events that were going on in my life and with my health but it became clear to me that diet was the issue around xmas and the main culprit I thought was sulphites and nuts. I also had a horrendous 'cold' that I couldn't shift and delayed going to the gp for over a month so that I didn't infect other people there but eventually got myself to the gp and saw a locum who did my a referral for the allergies and suggested I take antihistamines, which miraculously cleared up the 'cold' I thought I'd had. Anyway, I would most likely have been to Dr Nasser's allergy clinic at Addenbrookes before I had heard of this site and salicylates in general if my initial referral hadn't gotten lost. I have been seeing another of the GP's at my practice regularly who has since redone the referral and sent me off for a range of blood tests and has confirmed I am allergic to peanuts and hazelnuts (ventolin and epi-pen prescribed) and my appointment at Addenbrookes is at the end of the month. My GP is a lovely lady who has been very sympathetic about the problems I am having and has taken my concerns about the Ventolin inhaler seriously..... I tested it a few times when I wasn't having any issues, to get used to how it feels, and it caused me problems. So, my GP suggested that I do not use it and instead that I take up to 4 of the cetirizine allergy and hayfever tablets available over the counter, she has done some research into other potential options but we are waiting to see what the allergist says.

    So, I have been trying my hardest all year to 'eat myself healthy' with all the fruit and veg you can imagine, and it took a week long trip to a self catering apartment in Cornwall where I ate meat and rice and virtually no veg at all and went walking a lot on the coast paths to actually feel better. I had rather reluctantly come across information about the salicylate issue a few weeks earlier when I was trying to figure out why yet another 'good' toothpaste was causing me issues and the persons blog I was reading said you don't need toothpaste, just good brushing technique and patience so I abandoned the toothpaste as well during the holiday. I did a bit more reading on salicylates and to be honest it took me several weeks to honestly consider that it may well be my problem and then I decided to delve further into the forum posts here and wow, so many of the little symptoms which people have identified with hindsight, I have experienced my whole life.

    I currently have a very restricted diet of bananas, brown rice and meat.... I successfully added green cabbage back to the mix last week and am gonna give leeks a go soon (my pea attempt failed miserably the other day). I have found even with the meat I have to be very careful, I have issues with whole chickens and also reacted to a turkey breast with skin on..... chicken breasts without skin seem fine, can't have beef from the supermarkets usually as I react, but from the butcher is fine.

    I have a lot of hopes pinned on the allergist appointment, I am preparing a set of comprehensive notes of my experiences and lists of foods I react to etc. From everything I've read it seems that it ought to actually be fairly simple for them to test for salicylate sensitivities with their challenge tests and I have seen from a post from 2012 that Dr Nasser at Addenbrookes has been referenced on this site which gives me hope.