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    • CommentAuthorAliceC
    • CommentTimeJan 17th 2012
    nanciswell, Airish, & lindyd,

    Thanks so much for responding. Sorry for getting back so late. I am really struggling but the past few days, am seeing some positive results. I am excited to try rice bran oil. I really miss oils, used to use olive oil & coconut oil but now cannot even stand the smell of them, especially coconut oil. I react awful if I get some of it on my skin or smell it. I was taking a multivitamin that has grape seed extract oil and coQ10 and it was bothering me so much. Since I had taken it in the past I didn't connect but quit when I read about these 2 ingredients. It has taken some 2 weeks to really feel it is making a difference. I cannot even eat a quarter of peeled golden delicious apple without problems. Headaches, fast pulse and nervousness/anxiety & problems sleeping are my worst symptoms but I have many more. Within the past few weeks I have developed high blood pressure. I take epsom salt baths, vit D3, and am ordering molybdenum, vit.K & vit C . Question, Is ascorbic acid vitamin C the best? I would think all other forms of Vitamin C would have sals in them. I already take magnesium, both orally and use liquid on my skin. Another question, Is any form of molybdenum OK? I am ordering Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate but wonder if ammonium molybdate is supposed to be better. For those who cannot find a pure enough supplement without additives that cause reactions, there is a site that sells supplements in pure form but you have to order larger amounts. I ordered my vitamin D3 and magneisum taurnate from there and split it with friends. Site is and phone number is 631-342-1883 Peter will send measuring spoon which measures amounts in supplement amounts. I could find no other vitamin D that didn't have additives which bothered me. (I DO NOT have any financial interest, just a life saver site for me).

    My other huge need is help getting my husband and family to realize how horrible I react to SMELLS as well as foods. I can control the foods I eat but smells are out of my control. I cannot even cook onions for my husband's meal without reacting. The smell of mint in someone's toothpaste does me in. The smell of citrus, especially the essential oils, ruins my night of sleep. Stress of just thinking what will happen after I am exposed is too much for me. I cannot tolerate even light stress right now. Is there somewhere on this site, some information that can be given to spouses and family that explains this sals problem?

    Thanks again, AliceC
    • CommentAuthorRita
    • CommentTimeJan 17th 2012
    Alice, you can go to the information page and it gives an explanation of ss, or you could go to wikipedia.
    I am thrilled to find this site!
    I have suffered so long with Sampter's Triad and Candida over growth, it is so confusing as to what on earth I can eat. I will eat the chicken, brown rice and pears to eliminate, but I am also intrigued with the aspirin desensitizing route as well.

    Thank you for all of the posts, I really needed to get some good information and it is more valuable from the source of those that have gone through all of this!

    • CommentAuthorruthless
    • CommentTimeDec 9th 2012

    I have debilitating chronic migraine and chronic daily headache. I've been doing research on food sensitivities/intolerances outside the typical migraine food trigger realm for a couple weeks. I started a low histamine diet last week and got a killer migraine after eating fresh turkey, brown basmati rice, broccoli, cauliflower and kale. This got me wondering what else is a potential issue -- salicylate? glutamate?. . . .

    Was planning to do the RPAH/Failsafe diet until I stumbled upon this forum. Am concerned about the possibility of additional sensitivities to foods that weren't originally a problem. I see the original post for this thread is from 2007. Am wondering what the current thought is -- do people here still recommend eliminating high salicylate foods first, then medium, then low or is the RPAH method a good way to go?

    I know whatever I do will take a lot of time, effort and energy. The migraines are bad enough that I haven't much of any of these, so I'm trying to simply the approach as much as possible.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    • CommentAuthorJtoz54
    • CommentTimeDec 10th 2012
    Hi Kerrie, I can only recommend what I did. 5 yrs ago I had debilitating migraines, asthma, arthritis, dry eye syndrome, terrible pain and pressure in one eye, and a foggy headed feeling. I knew I was allergic to aspirin so I looked up foods containing salicylates ( Good list in the book," Salicylate Intolerance and The Healthier I Ate the Sicker I Got")
    Once I got off all the foods in the moderate to very high column, all those symptoms were gone in 2 days. Continue eating the foods in the low column. Avoiding all sals makes you super sensitive to the even the low ones.

    Sals add up, its the bucket theory. Once the bucket is full you can have a full blown attack. It was bad enough that you ate Broccoli (very high) but then you added in 2 moderates (Kale, cauliflower) and had a full blown migraine.

    Try eating string beans, cabbage, brussel sprouts, celery and lettuce . When your bucket is real low again you can try one moderate veggie at a time. Papaya is a wonderful fruit that is relatively low in sals.

    Good luck, Joan
    • CommentAuthorRita
    • CommentTimeDec 11th 2012
    Ruthless, I have updated the info as the years have progressed, and I believe I have stated that the general consensus here is that unless your symptoms are debilitating, you should eliminate the high sals first, then go on to the low sal to lower the chances that you will become hypersenstive to sals and fragrances.
    • CommentAuthorefirvin
    • CommentTimeNov 23rd 2014
    I'm new here. Just what I have read so far on this forum is more than I have learned anywhere else!
    • CommentAuthorefirvin
    • CommentTimeNov 23rd 2014
    Is this site still active?
    I would like this forum to continue. Just joined today after lurking for awhile. Dx with Sampters 10 years ago. Going for my 3rd polypectomy. Anyone else out there?
    • CommentAuthorBeastie
    • CommentTimeNov 27th 2014
    After nearly 3 years after final confirmation of sulphites/salicylates allergy/intolerance, I'm fed
    UP of eating a limited choice of food,all fresh,chicken beef
    White spuds,no skins, kallow rice cereal,milk,sugar,butter
    I take calcium,Vitc. I lost over 28lbs in weight and finding difficult
    To maintain a health weight.I have arthritis and osteoarthritis which
    Require pain meds.
    I suppose just needed to offload, sorry so negative to is coming
    Up to Christmas, I still cook family their celebration food,so I yearn to say sod it and dive in. Then I remember
    The problems that would ensue.
    If u read this thanks.
    Again sorry,I will feel brighter when
    If weather brightens in UK.
    Also when I decorate the trees for Christmas
    • CommentAuthorJtoz54
    • CommentTimeNov 27th 2014
    Hi Beastie, youre not saying anything we dont all feel. But its good to vent here with us since family sonetimes cant reaally relate. I'm very surprised your arthritis didnt subside a lot when you went low sal. I know mine did. Do your pain meds have artificial colors in them. That could make things worse. Well hang in there, Joan
    • CommentAuthorBeastie
    • CommentTimeNov 27th 2014
    No pain meds no colours etc, the damp and wet weather
    Makes it far worse, I am ok when frost or the shines thank
    for yr support. Family tries, though hard on them also, not worth doing out for drinks coffee or meals. Not sure
    if u i usa if so happy Thanksgiving,if uk enjoy Xmas.
    • CommentAuthornanciswell
    • CommentTimeNov 27th 2014
    Beastie do you have any vegis??

    Hang in there.. I know it is so hard... I really had had it with my limited six food diet of four years.. I finally have gotten a few new and tastey foods and I am pigging out for a change.. I hope things improve quickly for you .. Are you doing anything for your liver? Pain meds are hard on them..
    • CommentAuthorBeastie
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2014
    the only veg I eat are white potatoes
    Boiled,roasted in sunflower oil
    Or chipped. Keep trying carrots and peas
    though with sulphite probs
    difficult to juggle. We grow many of
    our own as well, I eat golden
    delicious apple, no where
    as our own.
    Cheering up somewhat Xmas
    tree up in dining room
    Thanks everyone
    • CommentAuthorMcKenzie
    • CommentTimeDec 3rd 2014
    Hi all,

    I am new on the forum and really appreciate everyone's contributions/info about salicylates and other related/possibly related issues. I found this site because I am still reacting to foods that aren't high in histamines or otherwise obviously problematic for me. Thanks so much for all your guidance and support!

    Lizzbethsue and Sylvia, I can really relate to where you are coming from medically and am in California. Please don't hesitate to contact me in the case that would in anyway be helpful. I am not a doctor, but I do have a lot of experience with autoimmune disease (they run in the family) and endocrine problems and know a bit about the resources out here on the West Coast.

    Misdiagnoses: Lyme, babesia, bartonella, bipolar (trying not to feel bitter about the harm caused to my thyroid, brain, and gut by the meds prescribed by these doctors)

    Accurate Dx: chronic exfoliative cheilitis; multiple head injuries; leaky gut; Hashimoto's; interstitial cystitis;

    IBS and "idiopathic" endocrinopathy (these are both basically doctors' ways of admitting that they see there are medical problems without admitting their ignorance as to the causes of those problems);

    bone spurs; joint hypermobility syndrome (ED III testing later this month); birth defects (since corrected);

    multiple methylation polymorphisms (I can specify which genes if that is helpful) that prevent me from properly detoxing alcohol, aflatoxin B1 (mold), neurotransmitters, blood thinners, and multiple medications (hospitalized 3 times- I am apparently the 1% that gets all the side effects);

    allergies: penicillin, NSAIDS, casein, egg whites, olives, oysters, dust mites, dog dander; intolerances: gluten, soy, agave, histamine, nuts, chocolate, nightshades (especially bell peppers which cause vomitting)
    • CommentAuthorThreshold
    • CommentTimeApr 10th 2015
    Oh dear. I did not read this first and I have already started on a low salicylate and low histamine diet. I was experiencing extreme fatigue, brain fog, frequently enlarged glands and lymph nodes in my neck along with a range of other vague symptoms. The only thing that has given me relief was to change my diet dramatically. I found that eating a diet rich in protein from chicken, fish and eggs and some veggies has really reduced my symptoms. I think I have become more sensitive to foods though. I believe most of my symptoms are from food though. Do you find that you get obvious symptoms after using personal products? Does this mean it is not salicylates that i'm sensitive to? I have yet to experiment with changing products. I'm really having trouble figuring out what is the trigger, but it is something that is in practically everything I eat. Flax seed seems to give me the worst reactions. Thanks!
    • CommentAuthorJtoz54
    • CommentTimeApr 22nd 2015
    Threshold sounds like you are on the right path. A diet rich in protein and some veggies is exactly what I eat to reduce my symptoms. I used to have swollen glands in my neck too. Along with Asthma, Migraines, Arthritis, and a foggy headed feeling. Sadly though we do become a little hypersensitive to the foods we cut out. Thats why they tell you not to cut out the low to moderate sals in the beginning. Your sensitivity to personal products with sals in them only proves that you are sal sensitive. Don't know why flax seeds give you a bad reaction. I know I react to sunflower seeds even though they are low sal. But I have Oral Allergy Syndrome going on too. Thats a sensitivity to apples, pears, celery, sunflower seeds and several other foods that are related to a tree pollen allergy. Joan
    • CommentAuthorDiana
    • CommentTimeJul 28th 2015
    Does anyone think that having a high candida burden made them Salicylate sensitive? In my case also solamine sensitive.[no potatos] If so, did you attack the candida before you improved? I have taked several courses of Lufenuron for the candida, but it comes back as soon as I have anything sweet, leaving me very little I can eat.
    Any advice would be much appriciated. Diana.
    Diana - I think everyone on this site would agree that our salicylate sensitivity stemmed from multiple causes, whether birth or developed. Did you notice a difference when you were taking the Candida, and were you staying away from yeast and sugar as well when you took it? Are you able to replenish with fermented foods? Or do you have a problem with mold as fermented foods would be out? have you thought about taking a good probiotic to rebalance your gut? Also if you find a good holistic doctor he might have a homeopathic gut restore remedy like I have found. I don't think my leaky gut is healed yet, but I am hoping once it's healed I will not have the symptoms that still follow me around.