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    • CommentAuthorbebe
    • CommentTimeApr 15th 2013 edited
    I was just wondering how many people here have migraines and what you figure causes them??

    For me it seems it is either from gluten, amines and tannins or some combination thereof. And sometimes even weird barometric pressure from cold wind and/or when its about to rain... Maybe the mold for the latter??

    The unfortunate thing is that it really is hard to avoid all those things completely all the time. Some unknown will pop up and yes I get another migraine.

    Like tonight I got what seems to be the beginnings of yet another migraine. This time I believe it was from taking two serrapeptase this afternoon. This points to the probably fact I am very sensitive to serrapeptase, but not to nattotkinase. Well its good to know, but did I have to get a migraine in the process??

    Both nattokinase and serrapeptase are fibronylitic enzymes--although from different sources. I take them to reduce swelling and scar tissue and increase blood flow. I borrowed some serrapeptase today after my dental appointment to help out my gums after cleaning since I did not have my nattokinase with me. Many folks here on this site have blood that is too thin, whereas mine is too thick.

    Life is such a roller coaster with all these headaches from so many things!!

    I plan to work on my watercolor tonight to take my mind off my sore eyes and head, and continue to sip my fresh brew of barberry bark tea...and do some acupressure too to help counteract the headache.

    Hope meanwhile you all are doing fine...or at least fine enough. And are not having as many migraines as I do!!

    And yes thankfully the headache seems to be lessening with a nice soothing bowl of warm veggies over some brown rice and yellow split peas...and now my mug of barberry bark tea. My old cat lounging on my lap helps too I think. Comfort, home-iness soothing the subconscious mind and thus the brain, eh??
    • CommentAuthornanciswell
    • CommentTimeApr 16th 2013
    I have two freinds with migraines.. both relate alot to barometric pressure.. the one appears to have sal sensitivity but not treating it.. ie dependent on antidepressant drugs to mask her symptoms. The other I suspect but also using pain killers for painful back.

    Elaine will know as soon as the barometric pressure starts to drop? I think it is.. way before the rain comes in .. She went to live in Mexico for a few months because of the ' no rain" climate.. with plans on moving there and sure enough she did not have ONE migraine !! the whole time there ..
    • CommentAuthorbebe
    • CommentTimeApr 16th 2013
    My mother and sisters had that also, i.e., sensitive to the barometric pressure. For them their migraines went away after menopause, whereas mine have not.
    It was cold and windy yesterday, so that could have been a factor. However I also think it was likely the serrapeptase.

    Its hard to just change location (although sensitivity to mold etc. up in the Pacific Northwest did influence my decision to move back to California years ago), however I can control my diet.

    By getting a handle on my diet, I am far less affected by inclement weather.

    I am very sensitive to anything with amines in it. The serrapeptase is an enzyme made by silkworms. How do they collect and store it after all?? I used to be less affected by amines than in the past the serrapeptase was OK. But apparently not now.

    Just wondering though how many others here on this site get migraines as part of their reaction to various food chemicals etc. Certainly for me, when I transgress in my diet, the consequences can be rather dramatic.
    • CommentAuthornanciswell
    • CommentTimeApr 16th 2013
    I seemed to always get a headache just with eating peanut butter.. Maybe something to do with the aflotoxins { I think they are called.. ie some sort of mold that grows on peanuts I think in storage } ...
    • CommentAuthorcjeanbrown
    • CommentTimeApr 16th 2013
    I never have really even had headaches then I started getting those migraine flashing scared me really bad but not so much a headache as messing with my eyes.i think I narrowed it down to aged cheese and I am staying clear of it.very scarey out of control far so good......Jean
    • CommentAuthorbebe
    • CommentTimeApr 16th 2013
    Hi Nancy and Jean,

    Yes, peanut butter was one of the original baddy's for me, as well as cheese. I think there is a term, cheese head?? It always made me feel really strange and often I could not stop eating it! But then soon thereafter there was the migraine.

    • CommentAuthorJtoz54
    • CommentTimeApr 17th 2013
    Hi I suffered from migraines my whole life. But I can honestly say I havent had one in several years because I strictly avoid high sals and most moderates. I discovered that coffee, aged cheese and sometimes chocolate were culprits. I cut out wine 30 yrs ago but I know all my friends who get migraines drink wine and wont give it up. Theyre crazy. I like feeling good and migraine free. Joan
    • CommentAuthorbebe
    • CommentTimeApr 17th 2013
    I agree with you there Joan. I'd much rather be migraine free too than eat things that mess me up, no matter how good they taste.

    Unfortunately these days I am even more sensitive to amines than I used to be. I pray some day to be less so. My experiment with making home made sauerkraut really messed me up a year ago. Thus I became super sensitive to almost anything that has protein in it that is over 3 or 4 days old and have to be even more careful of over-ripe fruit.
    • CommentAuthorMarja E
    • CommentTimeNov 17th 2016
    I've had a relentless tension-type headache, interrupted by migraines, and by caffeine withdrawal, for the past few years. Lately they've been worst each afternoon. I've finally quit tea, so that should help.

    A lot of things can trigger worse headaches: getting beaten, getting strobed, exercise, fructose, perfume exposure, lysol exposure, caffeine withdrawal, and so on.