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    Does anyone on here know of any experts/doctors/nutritionists in Los Angeles that are familiar with treating or diagnosing salicylate intolerance at all? There is one Dr Rashid Rahbar who has great reviews but charges a fortune and does not accept health insurance unfortunately.

    There have got to be others like him somewhere in LA or California...
    • CommentAuthorMichaelv03
    • CommentTimeOct 19th 2016
    Wow, nobody??? That's almost unbelievable.
    I am looking as well. Anywhere in Southern California....
    • CommentAuthorPoppie007
    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2017
    I have found that it is almost impossible to find an 'expert' on salicylate intolerance.

    The best place is Australia as they seem to be far more informed and knowledgeable, and I think it is possible to have Skype chats with nutritionists there. But,in general It is not widely know or understood and therefore people that suffer from this are often on their own as doctors are clueless and will leave you feeling like your imagining everything, which just means that you have to be your own advocate and read as much as you can about the condition.
    I have to agree with Poppie. I've seen multiple allergists, nutritionist, etc. through the years. Sadly, none were up on salicylate sensitivity. The only one who has been able to speak intelligently about it is the last allergist I saw who diagnosed me with MCAS.
    Even if you were to be diagnosed with SS by a doctor, I think the only recommendation is avoidance.
    I hope you see my comment Michael, as you posted several months ago.

    I saw the Integrative MD at Scripps Integrative Medical Center in La Jolla in 2011. He wasn't familiar directly with SS but was highly versed in a wide variety of multiple chemical sensitivities. He put me on a supplement of butterbur extract (Petadolex). It changed my life. Most of the off-brands made me much worse, but Petadolex brand has reduced my symptoms drastically. The only other thing that has helped other than the SS enzymes from Kirkland is taking supplemental testosterone because my T levels are low.