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    • CommentAuthorPriscilla
    • CommentTimeOct 12th 2016
    I have a 3 mon. old who I suspect is salicylate sensitive. My 21 mon. old is too I believe, but not as bad. I am just recently discovering this since I do not have these symptoms and never heard of this before. I took my baby to a person who does muscles testing for allergies and intolerances and told me that he was intolerant or allergic to salicylates. That's when I first heard the term and started to research what this meant. So she did a "treatment" on him which I am somewhat sceptical about. It is supposed to "desensitize" the person to the allergen or whatever is bothering them. She used a hand held devise which vibrated and she moved up it and down his back many times. Anyone have any experience with this? I don't know that I have seen any improvement at all, but she did seem mostly right on the gammet of things she tested him for. After testing multiple substances, she only had time for treatment for the salicylates. My friend swears by her treatment and says he can eat anything now and has been that way (symptom free) for about a year. The lady said if the treatment did not fix the problem the first time, she would do another adjustment for free. That was in Indiana, but I have moved out of state so was not able to go back and get him rechecked. Anyone have any comments, advice, experience, etc concerning this? I know this lady well as she is a long term member of my church as well as her husband and in-laws. Her husband is a surgeon and her brother-in-law and nephew are family md's who also are very knowledgeable concerning natural healing and supplementation. I want to believe treatment and testing is real and effective, but do have doubts. She somehow missed that my baby is highly intolerant to dairy which I already suspected, but went back on it because she said it was OK. All the terrible symptoms returned. Maybe there's a margin of error? Anyways, he tested allergic to soy which I already knew for sure because he had the same blow outs my daughter had after I ate anything with soy which stopped immediately when I stopped soy. She was also able to say that goats' milk was bad for him which I already assumed since my daughter was HIGHLY intolerant to goats' milk and would have an almost immediate reaction whenever I gave it to her. These are some examples of where she was right I believe.
    Also, I want to try No Fenal enzymes soon on both my kids, but didn't know if it would work him getting it through my milk or if it is even safe or helpful to give to him directly.
    • CommentAuthorcaedmyn
    • CommentTimeOct 14th 2016
    I have 5 children, all of whom reacted to salicylates through breastmilk. Number 5 is 7 weeks old and I'm doing the restricted diet thing yet again. It sucks. Anyway, personally I'd be skeptical of muscle testing. I've had some done on myself and 2 of my kids and in the end I wasn't impressed though the story is too long to go into typing on my phone. Like you said, some things it was right on and some wrong and several things led me to believe it was only guesswork in the end.

    Have you tried an elimation diet for sals? If not I would recommend that as a first step. I have found that it does not help with his reactions for me to take No Fenol when I eat sals. It does help to give a little to my baby before nursing if I can see he's been reacting. I try to only use that as a last resort though, and mainly rely on eating a low sals diet. I am not sure how long sals stay in BM either. The worst of his reaction seems to last about a day, with possibly a lesser reaction for another day. His reaction is reflux and he refluxes some whether I eat low sals or not, so difficult to be entirely sure. He definitely refluxes more/worse and has a hard time at night if I eat too many sals.