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    • CommentAuthorMarja E
    • CommentTimeOct 17th 2016
    I've been struggling with crippling hyperacusis/sound sensitivity for the past four years. I have to wear heavy ear protectors and ear plugs to go outside, and even they aren't enough protection against backup beepers, elevator chimes, sirens, car horns, etc. When I'm hit with the pain from backup beepers, I can't do much except collapse to the ground, curl up, and scream in pain. When I'm hit with the pain from sirens, car horns, lawnmowers, leafblowers, etc. I can usually stand up, but can't usually walk.

    I've also been suffering with light and strobe sensitivities.

    I suspect it's a combination of lifelong sensory differences with recent salicylate build-up in my body.

    I'd already avoided aspirin, so I didn't think about how aspirin can cause hyperacusis until I learned that a whole chemical family including mint [which makes me vomit], aloe vera [which makes me break out], and then-staples such as tea, turmeric, etc. can also cause hyperacusis. I've cut back on tea, but with my asthma, and with getting hit by a car last june, I haven't been able to quit tea, and I'm not currently planning to. I've avoided certain spices and cut back on others.

    Is anyone else struggling with hyperacusis?
    • CommentAuthorPoppie007
    • CommentTimeOct 28th 2016
    I cant help as I have never even heard of hyperacusis, although I do sympathise as it sounds awful. One thing I wanted to mention though, and you probably dont want to hear this is that tea is a bit of a killer for people with salicylate sensitivity..honestly! A good alternative is a small tsp of maple syrup in hot water, as it looks like tea and tastes very nice.
    • CommentAuthorAvatar
    • CommentTimeOct 30th 2016
    Oh, that sounds awful. I'm sorry you are dealing with that problem.

    Unfortunately I think Poppie is right that continuing to drink tea (and spices) is probably detrimental. You might do OK with chamomile or dandelion tea. And just drinking warm water is always an option. Add a tiny pinch of baking soda to help with salicylate reactions while you're sipping.

    I find that butterbur helps immensely with asthma symptoms.