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    • CommentAuthorbd79og
    • CommentTimeDec 6th 2016
    Dear all, I have salicylate intolerance and histamine problems and sulphite sensitivity, also hypothyroidism. I avoid gluten and casein too. I have been deficient in B12 and vitamin D but am supplementing. Recently my nose which has been problematic for years has been getting worse with absolutely no smell the majority of the time (though it has been a little better when I recently increased my thyroid medication). 6 weeks ago the ENT specialist was very sympathetic, told me that I possibly had a fungal infection that there were no signs of polyps and that she would refer me to her colleague who would help. Yesterday that colleague told me I was wasting his time as he could not treat me if I would not take the steroid nose drops (I find that they aggravate my asthma badly possibly due to the preservative) and that I had no signs of fungus but lots of polyps in both sides and in my sinuses!!
    He did, however, consent to refer me for a third opinion.
    Has anyone who is salicylate sensitive (I can't even tolerate two slices of carrot (one is ok sometimes)) had any success with alternative treatments for polyps / congestion / possible fungus especially the polyp miracle cure that I find every time I google nasal polyps? I really don't want to go down the operation route as it has taken a while to get to the 75 % well that I am at the moment especially with the breathing. Thank you
    • CommentAuthorrifkin
    • CommentTimeJan 12th 2017
    Hi there :) This sounds quite similar to my experience. I developed my salicylate intolerance 17 years ago, although I now think I may have had it for much longer it just manifested in a different way. Now my face and neck swell up, inside my mouth as well, and I get itchy rashes on my hands. After years of getting the diet and chemical part sussed, and focusing on my unsightly face, I started to notice constant sinus issues. Long story short, after two years of steroids, antibiotics and one FESS surgery, still no improvement. Over the years I have introduced more moderates into my diet, and been a bit lax with shampoos and soaps and just dealt with the fatigue and the swelling ... recently I started following a very strict LOW diet and environment, and for the first time my sinuses have started to clear. By clear I mean they are less infected, I am less 'stuffed up', I am sleeping better, have more energy (and my face is the least swollen it has been in years, had forgotten what it was supposed to look like). I havent been back for another MRI lately, but my last showed the polyps had returned only a few months after the surgery. It may be that I need these removed, but I can say with certainty that less is best now. I am angry with myself for ignoring the obvious for so long - but I hadnt really equated sinus issues with sals until I had an epiphany!

    So, I guess what I am saying is - can you reduce your food or chemical exposure any further? That may well help!