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    • CommentAuthorElisheba
    • CommentTimeJan 24th 2017 edited
    Please help! My cold is turning ugly and I don't know if I can take anything. I am getting bronchitis. Next I always need antibiotics.
    I don't know if antibiotics will kill me.
    I have a bunch of herbal, and supplement anti-virals but I don't know what to take. Aspirin and dried fruit make my face swell. One bite of bananna makes my face swell. I have been controlling my stomach pain, most of my acid reflex and most of my hives by food restricting to a diet of 3 things: romain lettuce, pea sprouts and domestic lamb. But even on this restriction if I smell curry I still get facial swelling and stomach / chest pain.
    My doctor says the sudden salicylate sensity, severe hives and angiodema are from the SSRI drug Paxil. I have been weaning off Paxil for a year and half while on this restricted diet. The original trigger could also have been too much magnesium malate which I am now off of. When I taper too fast off the Paxil poison I become suicidal. After a year I am down from 20mg to 1.6mg. Should I just get myself hospitalized to get totally off and hope that this will really solve my ss allergy? I have been haunting this board for two years and the ss problem doesn't just seem to disappear like mine and many other's just appeared. February 2015 I could eat curry or chili or anything I wanted and go to sleep on a full stomach. Now I eat only 3 foods and sleep on an acid reflux wedge. I no longer eat with my family and I can't be in the room when my husband cooks.
    I tried NAC, and Vit C and zinc but my lungs are still getting worse.
    Is there a form about salicylate sensitivity that I can give the hospital? I know there is a printable form to give the hospital for MCAD mast cell activation disorder or syndrome but I don't know that I really have this problem as mega doses of 6 different antihistamines didn't work where the diet has, and my bone marrow was negative.
    I am afraid that the hospital will kill me. The first and only time I was given an epi shot three nurses stood around and laughed while I screamed in terror from the adrenaline but my chest and throat pain did not feel better after and I still had a swollen face.
    I am afraid of steroids.
    So what should I be taking right now???? What can I safely ask my doctor for?
    • CommentAuthorwutamess
    • CommentTimeJan 25th 2017
    Sorry for your pain! I recently had chest congestion and was a snot factory. I started taking Colloidal Silver. My snot never turned color, it was just clear. This is only the second time in 8 years that I have gotten sick, last time was being around a chlorine pool and inhaling the fumes. This time,
    I fear that it is from the constant aerosol spraying in the skies. Every time they spray, i have a relapse!

    Colloidal Silver is what they use to use before anti biopics. I have used this for years and also used it on my animals with great success.
    You can buy it from health food stores or make your own. Here is a web site with some info on it.

    Be Blessed
    • CommentAuthorAvatar
    • CommentTimeFeb 3rd 2017 edited
    I hope you're already better from your cold/infection, but I agree with wutamess that colloidal silver is probably your answer for the infection. Silver is totally safe for ss and is a great anti-microbial. Squirt up your nose, down your throat, and under your tongue. You can even squirt it down your ears. You can find it easily online or in a natural foods store.

    Check your diet to be sure you're getting all necessary nutrients, especially b vitamins. If your diet still as restrictive as you say above, you're probably missing on several nutrients. I'd suggest seeing if you can also tolerate white rice or other simple carbohydrate--but *always* have with some fat and/or protein. Drink plenty of water and make sure you're getting enough salt. Really. Don't be afraid of supplements if you need them; just avoid anything too high-dose or with "superfoods" in it--look for hypoallergenic formulas and start slow.

    I doubt that getting off Paxil will solve your ss, but I am not a medical professional.

    I find butterbur indispensible. Also Allegra (though it sounds like you've already tried antihistamines). The butterbur (Solaray, 1 pill 3xday) took several days for me to feel better, but now I won't be without it. Enzymes will probably also help you; I like Enzymedica PhenolGest. Xylanase seems to be the enzyme that helps most with salicylates. The enzymes will break down chemicals that you're body isn't able to right now.

    I still eat a restricted diet, but I'm nowhere near as sensitive as I was a couple of years ago. Like you, it hit me pretty suddenly. I also considered just getting myself checked into the hospital in the hopes that they could help me, but in my case I think I was better off outside. But you may have access to better medical care than I did.

    You will get better. Try to be patient with yourself--especially when others aren't, and don't let doctors/nurses convince you of something if your gut is telling you otherwise.

    Oh, and SAMe has helped me immensely with mood and brain function, but too much makes me anxious. I do 200mg/day, and not every day. I also found taking MTHF folate for a few months (now only take occasionally) helped me tolerate higher doses of b vitamins, which in turn helped my mood--but it sounds like getting your reactions under control should happen before you try anything else. Best of luck!
    • CommentAuthorElisheba
    • CommentTimeFeb 6th 2017
    Thank you for your answers. They are all appreciated.
    I got over my cold without it turning into something worse that would require antibiotics.

    "Unfortunately, butterbur extract has been shown to contain pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs), a toxic substance that causes hepatoxicity in humans and has been shown to be mutagenic and carcinogenic in animal studies. The extract must be manufactured carefully and consistently to remove PAs.1

    In a recent review of 21 commercial butterbur products, 7 of the 21 products (33%) contained PAs. In addition, only 7 (33%) showed an amount of petasins consistent with each product’s labeling. Of note in this study, Petadolex contained petasins in the amount disclosed on the product labeling with no detectable PAs in the sample provided.6

    Petadolex was previously registered by the German health authority BfArM, which regulates drugs, medical devices, and herbal supplements in Germany, and was the only butterbur compound to be approved by a governmental regulatory body. Although Petadolex is still commercially available, it has since lost this approval in 2009 and is now unavailable in Germany. Reportedly this was due to a change in the manufacturing process, occurring prior to the above studies, for which BfArm required reregistration as a new drug and which the company has not completed.7,8 In addition, due to reports of human hepatoxicity associated with the use of butterbur-containing compounds, all butterbur supplements have since been banned in Switzerland.

    Despite butterbur’s potential efficacy, doubts are increasing about the long-term safety of this supplement given of the risk of liver damage and the lack of an actively regulated preparation. Due to the mounting concerns, the American Headache Society is currently evaluating a position statement cautioning against its use."

    My migraine speciatist gave me some German Petadolex butterbur for my migraines. Happily however my migraines are already gone so I haven't really tried it. Maybe headaches were linked to Nightshade plants which I am also avoiding. However am hesitant to take Petadolex more often that occasionally because it can be toxic.

    Paxil (poison) now 1.2 mg (liquid measured in insulin syringe).
    • CommentAuthorwutamess
    • CommentTimeFeb 6th 2017
    Just a thought here.... My husband went to an acupuncturist when he was trying to stop using tobacco. After three sessions he no longer was addicted to chew! Have you done any research or asked an acupuncturist if this could help with the Paxil?
    • CommentAuthorElisheba
    • CommentTimeMar 7th 2017 edited
    I am getting extremely and I need help
    I can't function with this anxiety.
    My car got crashed and finding one without chemicals is driving me crazy.
    I cry all day and have severe hypoglycemia.
    I am still only able to eat lettuce' and fresh lamb.

    Please help.
    • CommentAuthorElisheba
    • CommentTimeMar 7th 2017 edited
    I will not take more drugs. I was fine until a drug given at the emergency room triggered the very next day: axiety, severe depression, and stomach pain (I thought my stomach pain was acid reflex but it is definately helped by failsafe).
    • CommentAuthorAvatar
    • CommentTimeMar 8th 2017
    I'm so sorry!

    Have you tried taking magnesium? It helps calm naturally. There's even a brand of magnesium citrate named Natural Calm. Of course walking, deep breathing, epsom salt baths, etc. can help.
    I'm going to again suggest trying to eat some more foods--you are surely malnourished on a diet of lamb and lettuce. Even if you have a mild reaction to the food, getting the nutrients may be worth the reaction. You will almost surely feel better if you can find some carb you can tolerate. Eat along with the lamb or other fat/protein to moderate the effect it has on your blood sugar.

    Acupuncture sounds like a good idea, too. And you need to acknowledge that you need to try something different if you want to change the way you feel.

    Used cars will not have the offgassing problems of new car interiors.
    Elisheba how are you today?
    Are you less anxious, can you eat more foods now?