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    • CommentAuthormorpheus17
    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2017 edited
    Hi everyone, I'm new here and am in the learning and preparation phase. I just started learning about this protocol this week. According to the book by St. Anand, the rule is to avoid plant-based oil, extract, and gel; also any product with "sal" in its name. But what about...
    - Saline solution? (I use it for my contact lenses) and anything else salt-based (epsom salts, etc)
    - Vegetable oil, canola oil, olive oil? If so, are there any oils I can use for cooking? I understand corn oil is ok, and coconut oil is not ok?
    - Herbs for cooking (oregano, basil) whether dried or fresh?
    - Stevia? I think I read it's ok, but since it's made with stevia extract, and stevia is from a plant, how is this ok?

    • CommentAuthorlindyd
    • CommentTimeFeb 14th 2017
    The general rule is if it comes from a PLANT then it will have some level of salicylate. The level can vary depending on the type of plant, the season the plant was grown in, if it is organic, the stage of growth of the plant etc. Salicylate is one of the chemicals a plant produces to help defend itself.
    Herbs/spices are a definite NO for most people.
    Salicylates are not generally in animal products.Obviously manufacturing methods can add salicylate containing ingredients to foods.
    If it is MINERAL then it will not contain sals. Saline solution is ok ...Salt is a mineral so is fine. Some people may react to salt/minerals but it will not be due to sals.
    Epsom salts can be helpful but go easy as they can cause loose bowels..even if used for soaking.
    Vegetable oils vary..check the Food Guide on this site (in the blue section at the top of the page) for guidelines then its a case of trial and error. Although Canola oil is listed as low I can't tolerate it and I can only tolerate a small amount of sunflower oil.
    I don't know about Stevia..perhaps someone else can help?
    Unfortunately there is no "one size fits all". The Food guide list on this site will be a helpful guide but we all have different tolerance levels.
    • CommentAuthorwutamess
    • CommentTimeFeb 15th 2017
    HI morpheus
    I have success with Safflower Oil. I use it about every 5 days. The only spice I use is Curry Powder and that is when I use the oil. I might use 1/100th of a spoon .. 2 shakes in my oil
    to flavor it a bit to fry my squash in. Saffron is suppose to be ok too. I mainly use real salt for food seasoning . Most Spices are very high in Oxalates. Canola Oil is nasty stuff, try to research
    it if you think you might want to use it.

    I could not handle Stevia, I think it is high in Oxalates.

    I use Epson salt to bath in every night. Start out slow if you do it, some people can't handle it. Make sure your epson salt does not come from china. Epson salts help remove the toxins from your body.
    Epson salt also helps your sulfur pathways.

    Anything corn is highly inflammatory.

    Get use to bland food.

    Be Blessed
    • CommentAuthormorpheus17
    • CommentTimeFeb 19th 2017
    Thank you all for your help!
    • CommentAuthorTalismanJ
    • CommentTimeMar 13th 2017
    sea salt which is actually loaded with neurotoxins such as mercury, arsenic, etc. as the ocean is loaded with toxins save for certain parts such as Alaska, New Zealand, etc. See link -

    Also garlic a supposed "super food" is actually a neurotoxin that desynchronizes the brain where the left and right hemispheres don't communicate plus garlic slows down human reaction time by 2 to 3 times see link
    All you have to do is play a video game say Pac Man get a base line of your game play ability then eat some garlic, garlic powder, pizza with garlic, etc. and see for yourself your reaction time will slow and your brain will desynchronize. Onions cause a similar effect - i.e. brain fog. Side note: I did use some garlic powder on buttered toast during my recovery, but knowing what I now know about garlic I would no longer recommend it.

    Canola oil is also a neurotoxin that brings about depression as does the "wonder oil" coconut oil (which is another BS money grab).

    I wrote the ebook as a courtesy and rebuttal to sick people being taken advantage of by pill companies, witch doctors, etc. by providing a method that is economical (pills aren't free especially herbal proprietary ones), natural, non-organic, no permanent elimination diets, and of course proven by the author.
    • CommentAuthorTalismanJ
    • CommentTimeMar 13th 2017
    Please keep in mind you will do more harm than good if you try to heal an overworked and/or compromised liver with strong liver detox pills, beets, etc. as a weakened liver is not in condition to handle it thus making the liver even worse.
    • CommentAuthorTalismanJ
    • CommentTimeMar 13th 2017 edited
    Use sunflower oil for cooking. I meant to say vegetable oil.
    • CommentAuthorTalismanJ
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2017
    I'm not sure on saline solution. But if it has salicylates in it then it would be just like the make up which is high in salicylates - you use it sparingly. I'd keep a bottle of children's Benadryl liquid on hand in case you have an attack or symptoms show up from using the saline solution.