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    • CommentAuthorSheila
    • CommentTimeMar 20th 2017 edited
    I suffer from MCS as you know.
    But even coloured leaflets coming through every door will zonkmeout, If I read them.......I still make that mistake -
    Coloured magazine print - same effect.After "coming round" I feel awful for a coup,e of hours.
    It's so hard to avoid. I never buy mags because of this.
    Books don't affect me. I also react to acrylic paint in the same way.
    Does anyone else have this.
    I have no idea why this affects the brain as it does !!!!
    Comments appreciated.
    • CommentAuthorwutamess
    • CommentTimeMar 22nd 2017
    I too have issues with magazines and newspaper print. The smell of a magazine or newspaper can put me in a migraine, have heart palpitations or make me a grouchy female just as soon as I smell it. I no longer get the mail because there is always something in the box that is smelly.

    Funny Story... The second Natural Doctor I went to gave me the NAET book. This is a book on how they heal your allergies and sensitivities with kinesiology . I am reading it and all the sudden my heart starts beating out of my chest. I put the book down and try to figure out what is wrong.
    I get calmed down and a few hours later I pick up the book again and my heart about jumps out of my chest. So I figure its the print on the book.
    I have about 100 paper back books and most of them being natural type healing, I can pick up any of those books and read it without a problem.
    But this book on Allergies tears me up! GO Figure... The sad thing is, the doctor said he had others with the same problem.. If there is a known problem with the print / ink why would he not tell the founder of the NAET way so they could get a print that most dont react too? Stupid is is stupid does I guess. FYI I did not do the NAET program, I am not much of a believer in kinesiology and I could not understand how the program would fix the underlying problem.. Seemed like it was putting a band aide on the wound.

    Be Blessed
    • CommentAuthorNamid
    • CommentTimeMar 24th 2017
    Hi Sheila,
    I have MCS, too and I can't tolerate the smells of newspaper. I found out that acrylic paint often contain isothiazolinone with which I have problems. They may be in some inks, too.
    Isothiazolinones are antimicrobials used to control bacteria, fungi, and algae in cooling water systems, fuel storage tanks, pulp and paper mill water systems, oil extraction systems, wood preservation and antifouling agents. They are frequently used in personal care products such as shampoos and other hair care products, as well as certain paint formulations.
    ...They have a high aquatic toxicity and some derivatives can cause hypersensitivity by direct contact or via the air...."