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    • CommentAuthorTalismanJ
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2017
    Salicylates are a plant's natural toxin. We are not intended to eat these foods such as cinnamon, peanuts, sweet potato, etc. or consume salicylates in our beauty products in large amounts as they place a heavy burden on our liver and our adrenal glands to remove these toxins from our bodies. The trouble is salicylates are addictive to eat for all humans as they trigger an euphoric rush in us when eaten. They also cause inflammation in our bodies. Plus since the 1980's are food has been laced with salicylates from high fructose corn syrup, BHA, BHT, etc. Which explains the explosion of Autism, ADHD, cancer, etc. since the 1980's. You do not have a disease. You have a run down liver and/or adrenal glands that is causing your salicylate sensitivity.

    Excerpt from ATP


    Salicylates are organics chemicals found naturally in many herbs, vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Salicylates act like preservatives, they prevent rot and disease and protect against pests. They are stored in the most vulnerable plant parts; the leaves, bark, roots, skin and seeds.

    Salicylate load and intolerance

    We regularly consume salicylates and our body has to detoxify and clear away these chemicals before they accumulate. We have a threshold for symptoms. Once our salicylate load gets to around that level we start getting allergic style inflammatory reactions.

    Once our load drops through avoidance and enhanced clearance the symptoms will often disappear. The symptoms will re appear if your salicylate levels creep up again. If your salicylate load is hovering around that symptom threshold than you can react every time you touch salicylate foods.

    Signs and symptoms of salicylate sensitivity
    ◦Headaches, migraines
    ◦Itchy skin rashes such as hives (urticaria), eczema. Itchiness is often worse after hot shower and / or exercise
    ◦Irritable bowel symptoms – reflux in babies or adults, nausea, vomiting, stomach bloating and discomfort, wind, diarrhoea and/or constipation
    ◦Bedwetting, cystitis and increased frequency of urination
    ◦Asthma, sinus congestion, itching, sneezing and excessive phlegm
    ◦Behaviour problems such as irritability, restlessness, inattention and learning difficulties
    ◦Sleep disturbance and sleep apnoea
    ◦Anxiety, depression, panic attacks
    ◦Joint pain, inflammation and arthritis
    ◦Swelling and fluid retention
    ◦Mouth Ulcers or raw hot red rash around mouth
    ◦Persistent cough
    ◦Sore, itchy, puffy, watery or burning eyes
    ◦Muscle cramp, tremor, twitch

    End excerpt.
    • CommentAuthorTalismanJ
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2017
    With that said, you need to strengthen your liver and adrenal glands to deal with the toxins. I recovered from my bout with salicylate sensitivity and so can you using these proven methods.

    When you wake up in the morning:

    First thing in the morning cut 1/3 of a fresh lemon. Pour water in a coffee mug or glass. Place the remaining lemon in tin foil and place in the fridge. Squeeze the juices from the 1/3 lemon into the mug or glass. Drink the lemon juice water slowly (approx. 5 minutes). The lemon activates the enzymes in the liver. Then take a 5 oz. Dixie cup and fill it full of water. Drink it with small sips. Repeat 2 more times. You will urinate a golden color within about 20 to 30 minutes. Repeat this process around noon, 5 PM and 30 minutes before bed time. After the first 2 weeks of this process cut back on the lemon juice by drinking it first thing in the morning and 30 minutes before bed time. After the 5th week you can wean yourself off of the lemon juice by just drinking it first thing in the morning. After the 7th week your liver should be healthy enough to drink lemon juice 3 times a week (morning) crucial step to strengthen your adrenal glands (lemon juice will remove calcium from the body and your adrenal glands do need calcium to strengthen the adrenal glands). Please note: If you start to have tenderness in the stomach area then please back off or go a day without the lemon juice method as the tenderness is coming from the acid of the lemon juice.

    Eat breakfast within 30 minutes to an hour of waking up.

    Breakfast should be plain oatmeal (Quaker's Oats - Old Fashioned or instant) I use old fashioned with milk and a dash of salt (Morton's iodized salt). No sugar, maple syrup or fruit as the sugar will further drain the adrenal glands.
    Breakfast may also be buttered toast (real butter - sweet cream and salt for ingredients), buttered toast with garlic powder sprinkled on top or peanut butter (Skippy Creamy)on toast as that fat and protein is excellent for the adrenal glands. Please note: 2 or 4 slices of buttered toast a week as too much butter will raise your bad cholesterol. Breakfast may also be eggs (over easy, scrambled or omelette) but REMEMBER only 2 to 4 eggs a week as the egg yolk is great for the liver but too many increases your bad cholesterol.

    Here is a link to my ebook on the subject with the rest of my complete method.

    Talisman J
    • CommentAuthorTalismanJ
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2017
    Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional rather just a person sharing/recommending medical knowledge and/or solutions based off of my personal experience and/or my anecdotal evidence in me overcoming salicylate sensitivity whereas you should always rely on and/or seek professional medical consultation and/or services when dealing with your health and well being.
    • CommentAuthorTalismanJ
    • CommentTimeApr 3rd 2017 edited
    With that said...

    Please go to this website as it has a list of salicylates in food. On the list fresh lemons and red delicious apples are low salicylates.

    Please note that lemons are considered by this site to be moderate salicylate therefore this advice may not be suitable for all members of this forum who are unable to tolerate moderate levels of salicylates.

    I have checked out the above link to the site owned by TalismanJ and have found that the salicylate list differs greatly from the list given on this site with a number of foods listed as "low" wheras on this site they are are listed as moderate. Some foods such as cherries and Tandoori Spice I personally would react to. I did not write the list on this site (I am just a moderator) and I do realise that the testing of salicylate in food is not an exact science and can differ according to the ripeness of the food and the season/growing conditions etc.
    Therefore I am leaving the above link available on this thread but it is for forum members to check out themselves the content of the link and source of the information given and note that the information given on the site differs from the information given on this site.
    • CommentAuthorTalismanJ
    • CommentTimeApr 4th 2017
    Thank you moderator.

    As a clarification I do not own the website at nor am I affiliated with the site. Plus I never intended implied or otherwise to undermine this forum, so I've edited the above post by omitting the word "accurate" in my above post for the list of salicylates in food at as using the word accurate implies this forum's salicylate list is inaccurate.

    But I definitely do appreciate and respect this forum's openness as displayed above by the moderator as I found to be honest and accurate.
    • CommentAuthorKiwi
    • CommentTimeApr 14th 2017
    Wouldn't work for me. I'm allergic to oats and I don't believe high cards such as bread and toast do me any favours either.
    • CommentAuthorTalismanJ
    • CommentTimeApr 14th 2017
    Hello Kiwi,

    My healing method is not predicated on eating oats and bread. There are a whole slew of issues addressed in my ebook (39 pages) whereas the above info is just a snippet of the healing method.

    My meal plan (full meal plan is in the ebook only) is diverse enough to handle a variety of people's health concerns whereas implementation of my healing method (which includes non diet methods) will also resolve a lot of so called "health issues" such as gluten, dairy, food allergies, etc. that people mistakenly think they have.