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    • CommentAuthorMikeX
    • CommentTimeApr 1st 2017
    I'm revisiting sals after seemingly ruling it out years ago.

    I had a really bad reaction after eating baby back ribs out. Of course that had a ton of high sal spices and seasonings.

    Today, I had a bad reaction from french toast made with lots of Earth Balance Spread (canola, palm, olive oil). I then used mouthwash with methyl sal.

    If I'm reacting to sals, which is the more likely cause: the earth balance spread or the mouthwash?

    Just curious. I know I have to isolate and do my own experiments.

    • CommentAuthorTalismanJ
    • CommentTimeApr 1st 2017
    Both. Olive oil is a high salicylate and flavored mouthwash such as mint, citrus, etc. is also a high salicylate.

    Also, your correct the BBQ sauce is very high in salicylates as well.
    Some mouthwash, such as Lysterine, has full-on Salicylic acid added to it as an ingredient on it's own. If I use that my tongue swells up.
    For me, MSG also causes same reaction sals cause for me, crazy histamine reaction that causes random localized swelling, so restaurant food is often a problem based on that alone. You can bet any BBQ sauce has tons of glutamates and autolized protiens in it.