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    • CommentAuthorKiwi
    • CommentTimeApr 14th 2017
    I am so run down and my diet is hopeless due to SS. I don't get serious symptoms unless I eat high sals, but I seem to get watery eyes quite easily. My diet consists of GF bread, chickpeas, lentils, rice protein powder, potato, kumara (sweet potato) and green beans, but I want to include more fruit and veg and eat less bread. Although I eat the veg mentioned, I don't eat large amounts due to SS. I take a MV, calcium, magnesium, vit D3, omega/coQ10, a B complex, folic acid and am on B12 injections. I have low stomach acid and take HCl if I can get away with it as my esophagus doesn't close.

    I am thinking of adding more low sal things like tinned pears, banana, leeks, beetroot, small amounts of cauliflower etc. Is anybody here abe to eat paleo on a low sal diet? That's what I want to do.

    Thanks for reading.

    • CommentAuthorTalismanJ
    • CommentTimeApr 14th 2017 edited
    Hello Kiwi,

    You are "run down" because of your diet. White potato will drain your adrenal glands. Green beans and sweet potato are great for your adrenal glands. However, your diet is also very high in copper and very low in zinc which is horrible as it severely drains your adrenal glands. Also, chickpeas and lentils have numerous toxins most notably the lectins which are high even if you soak the beans - with said toxins also being neurotoxins.

    Adding bananas is a bad idea as they will further drain your adrenal glands. You need to add absorbable zinc to your diet which is found mainly in red meat and the dark meat of chicken. Also calcium from butter and dairy sources. I presume GF bread is gluten free bread. I also presume you suffer from heavy brain fog due to your weakened adrenal glands.

    You will find if you balance out your zinc to copper ratio (9 to 1 zinc to copper for males and 4 to 1 zinc to copper for females) your gluten issue and most of your "run down" feeling will be eliminated.
    • CommentAuthorKiwi
    • CommentTimeApr 17th 2017
    Hi TalismanJ

    Your advice is probably excellent, but unfortunately, due to my various health issues, the foods I mentioned are the only ones I can eat. My stomach acid is so low due to being prescribed PPIs for 8 years, that I cannot digest animal proteins efficiently and my kidneys would be further damaged if I tried.

    Thanks for responding.

    • CommentAuthorTalismanJ
    • CommentTimeApr 17th 2017
    Hydration from water is a crucial key to reviving and maintaining your adrenal glands.

    Drink in small sips of water as it's a scientific fact all of our bodies can only absorb a small amount of water at one time as the rest is immediately sent to the kidneys for removal from the body without the water being used to transport vitamins, minerals, etc. throughout the body. So those who guzzle their water most of it goes straight to the kidneys for urination and not used by the body to transport vitamins, minerals, etc. throughout the body.

    During the day take a 5 oz. Dixie cup and fill it full of water. Drink it with small sips. Repeat 2 more times. Repeat these steps throughout the day.
    The 8 to 10 glasses (8 oz.) of water a day is a fairly accurate rule to live by.

    REMEMBER you can drink too much water and it can be harmful to you when you do including death. Be smart and use caution.

    I use tap water filtered by Du Pont carbon filter and whole house filter. You can buy a filter that adapts to your kitchen sink faucet from Lowe's, Menards, Home Depot, etc.).
    • CommentAuthorTalismanJ
    • CommentTimeApr 17th 2017
    I would suggest you also take a zinc supplement if you can't digest animal protein - to raise your zinc level above your copper level.
    • CommentAuthorTalismanJ
    • CommentTimeApr 17th 2017
    I would add beets (activates liver enzymes), small red delicious apples (activates liver enzymes), milk and scrambled eggs to your diet.
    • CommentAuthorTalismanJ
    • CommentTimeApr 17th 2017
    Also have children's Benadryl liquid at the ready to hold off an attack. Children's Benadryl liquid is for relieving the symptoms - I would have breathing attacks where I couldn't breathe - I would take a cap full of the Benadryl and it would relieve my symptoms in about 20 to 30 minutes.

    Good luck!
    • CommentAuthorJet
    • CommentTimeJul 7th 2017
    Hey Kiwi,

    I don't have much experience with people who have low stomach acid levels, but I was wondering a few things, (forgive me if these are stupid questions). Can you eat soy? If so than it might be smart to get sprouted tofu, to add to your protein options. Fermented foods such as sauerkrarut and keifer might also help your stomach, and are low sal. If you don't have a problem with oxylates, you might want to try eating cabbage, lettuce and certain types of kale. When i was young I had a very limited diet due to SS, so I understand your pain. You might want to try some game meats, they might be easier to digest. Also if you cook some vegetables it can lower their acidity. About the tinned pairs, you should probably try to poach them yourself in just water if you cant handle white wine. The metal that the pears are stored in and even if you find a healthy alternative to sugar soaked pears, they can contain preservatives detrimental to your health. I hope you find some more foods to vary your diet, and forgive me if any of this is wrong, i don't have low stomach acid.
    • CommentAuthorwutamess
    • CommentTimeJul 9th 2017
    Hey Kiwi,
    I had low stomach acid in the beginning. I was only able to eat 3/4 of a cup of food per meal. I took Digest Spectrum
    by Enzymedica ( )
    and Blue Bonnet Betaine HCL with Pepsin. AND I ate healing clay ( ) ... It helps rebuild the digestive enzymes in your gut. I was able to get off the first two after a year.

    I rotated my diet every 4 days, except the brown Jasmine rice... I eat it every meal. and eat the same meal 3 times a day

    day 1 Chicken, Winter Squash, Rice
    day 2 Bison, Speghetti Squash, RICE
    Day 3 Duck, Apple Sauce, Rice
    Day 4 Elk, Cow Peas, Rice

    Use caution on the lentils Chickpeas and Soy. They are anti nutrient and can really cause more damage than good.
    A few months ago, I tried to introduce Lentils in my diet... After a month of eating them once ever 5 days, I was becoming extremely agitated and very grumpy. (one of the side effects of eating a food I have issues with,. ) I stopped eating them and the GrumpButt went away.. Now my Husband threatens to give me Lentils when He needs me to be mean!

    Duck and Bison were very easy on my stomach, and to this day, I prefer duck when I need something gentle.

    I was eating Cabbage, Saurekraut, keifer and Kale when my Gut broke. They aren't all they are cracked up to be!

    Do you have any silver fillings? If so get them removed

    Be Blessed
    • CommentAuthorKiwi
    • CommentTimeJul 18th 2017
    Although I am now healed of SS, I am intolerant to soy. I was taking betaine HCL which worked brilliantly, but my esophagus doesn't close and I've had several 'burns' using it, so I have to wait at least another 2 weeks before I can try again. Right now my diet is awesome. I eat lentils and chickpeas for protein plus I take protein powder. I am now on the pagan diet, which is paleo/vegan.
    I am not totally Paleo nor do I do a full Keto diet either, but there is a lot of overlap for me. I find I need to supplement extra with the macrominerals (Na, K, Mg, Ca) when I've had a string of low-carb days. My new thing has been Plantains. I crave them like nothing I've eaten in years. At the moment I'm assuming it is the high potassium levels, but I think there might be something more to it.

    I've been trialing lentils and chickpeas too the past few months and seem to tolerate them in the sporadic small meals I've been making, but haven't scaled up to know if they are 100% tolerable food or an occasional food. Everytime you post Kiwi, I'm always interested because I feel we have a lot of common symptoms. So, the fact that you eat them regularly makes me optimistic. I just gotta watch the sulfite levels! I wouldn't say I'm healed of SS, but I can tolerate accidental exposure to things like the mint family now, especially with the help of my Petadolex.

    Glad to hear you are doing reasonably well!

    P.S. I also find taking my HCl with my mineral supplements works really well. Keeps the pH of my stomach from getting to acidic or basic.