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    • CommentAuthorTalismanJ
    • CommentTimeApr 21st 2017
    Adrenal fatigue must be addressed as well as salicylate sensitivity to ensure proper recovery.

    Hydration is a crucial key to reviving your adrenal glands.

    Drinking water as previously noted in my healing method is a key as the body stores salicylates in our liver and our kidneys - the water allows the body to flush out salicylates in the kidneys through the urine. You need to minimize your intake of salicylates and increase your body's ability to remove salicylates from the body.

    During the day take a 5 oz. Dixie cup and fill it full of water. Drink it with small sips. Repeat 2 more times. The 8 to 10 glasses (8 oz.) of water a day is a fairly accurate rule to live by. Small sips as believe it or not the human body can only process water at a small clip so those who guzzle their water most of it goes straight to the kidneys for urination and not used by the body to transport vitamins and minerals. REMEMBER you can drink too much water and it can be harmful to you when you do. Be smart. But it is true you can urinate salicylates out of your kidneys by drinking water. I use tap water filtered by Du Pont carbon filter and whole house filter. You can buy a filter that adapts to your kitchen sink faucet from Lowe's, Menards, Home Depot, etc.).

    I would consider drinking in small sips of water as scientific fact all of our bodies can only absorb a small amount of water at one time as the rest is immediately sent to the kidneys for removal from the body without the water being used to transport vitamins, etc. throughout the body. The body needs these vitamins and minerals to revive the adrenal glands.

    I've published an adrenal fatigue ebook here is the link:

    Cutting edge healing methods that the so called experts missed and/or don't understand. My healing method actually heals your adrenal glands whereas the so called experts want to sell you pills on top of pills for the rest of your life - and the kicker? The pills don't get the job done!

    Combining both healing methods you will lose that "run down" feeling and gain that healing sensation.