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    • CommentAuthorlynbrad
    • CommentTimeMay 20th 2017
    Hello to all
    I am new to the site and thought I would share my story and hopefully get some answers and assistance.
    I first eliminated Salicylates etc 17 years ago and yes it helped my allergies at the time, but over the years my symptoms have returned despite keeping my diet clean. I can find no reason for my latest reactions which are getting worse each time. So off I go to more professionals who can not work out the reasons either. In the end a dermatologist told me I have an overly sensitive immune system and would react to anything but most likely I am allergic to exercise. I am a very active person and this has not gone down well. She prescribed medication - montelukast I mention here that I am not asthmatic so was surprised to find it is for asthmatics. I did try it for 3 days, but had nausea and trembling. I am yet to go back to my GP to discuss this.
    So after reading all my books on allergies again I am back to trying another elimination diet. I am also going to go on the candida diet for 30 days as this was advised by a natropath and I thought what have I got to lose?
    So combining the two diets find it should be manageable. As I am celiac I already am mostly grain free anyways. I am pretty sure after all the reading I have done and past experience I am hopeful this should work.
    But some problems that do concern me and I hope you all may have some answers, having experienced the same things.
    As I am very active I will be having less carbohydrates and wondered about my energy? From what I understand I have to eat a lot more protein to assist with the energy.
    I don't want to lose weight. Some ideas that would prevent that?
    I notice I can have swedes they are low carbs so would suit the candida diet. but some foods are listed on some list low salicylate and moderate on others - Cauliflower is one another is dandelion coffee. Can I have these?
    I am seeing a dietician who is a big help although she confesses she is not an expert in allergies.
    Thanks to all for your time and your assistance.
    Hi Lyn

    I would be cautious and consider those foods as moderate rather than low.

    Try them and see how you get on.