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    • CommentAuthortdod
    • CommentTimeJun 7th 2017
    Hi, I'm Terry 49yo living in South Wales, UK. Had health problems since jan17 all to do with swelling and pain in my nose and sinuses. It gradually worsened over the last 6 months with several excruciating episodes where I had to seek help in hospital. Unfortunately my doctor had diagnosed ongoing infection so all I got given was increasingly high strength NSAID painkillers. The ENT consultant said there was 'nothing wrong' - 'just go home ad relax' he said (?!). The respiratory consultant said I had no allergies. I tried to eat my way healthy with more and more salad and less and less meat and dairy. Occasionally I tried to blot out my sorrows with a bottle of red wine. I even tried seeing alternative therapists, the latest of which gave me a lovely spearmint herbal oil to rub into my neck. Hello hospital. The upside to that visit was finally seeing an immunologist last monday who identified salicylate intolerance and put me on a low sal diet. Like many I can now see a broader pattern leading in to this - tinnitus starting 2 years ago (another nil points for the ENT world), increased headaches after drinking moderate amounts of wine, recurring issues in my calves, elbows and shoulders from exercising. I am trying a low sal diet not elimination at this sage plus changing household and personal products, taking vitD and a multi and trying the epsom salt baths. (Any other suggestions welcome). A huge huge thank you to everyone on this forum where there is so much information and support. I would be really interested if there are any discussions or experiences out there to do with sinus problems from sal sensitivity.
    • CommentAuthorAvatar
    • CommentTimeJun 10th 2017
    Hi Terry,

    So sorry you've gotten the runaround from your doctors--it's so disappointing when doctors don't take our symptoms seriously. Even worse when they recommend something that lands you in the hospital.

    I think most of us have experienced sinus problems--at least I have. I take lots of supplements, but find butterbur in particular very helpful in being able to breathe. I take 50mg/3xday. I also take an antihistamine, which isn't ideal, but definitely helps me.

    During hayfever season I'll also occasionally use a nasal spray--I currently have a homeopathic one with butterbur and quercitin, but I've also used colloidal silver, saline solution, and even a xylitol spray without adverse reaction.

    Vodka is also pretty hypoallergenic, though any alcohol is likely to make things a bit worse. I also find my sinuses swell if I have too much sugar, though usually I take enough probiotics (and eat little enough sugar) to keep this in check.

    I've got to also recommend the specialty enzymes (Phenol Assist, No-Fenol, or CarbGest). They're pricey, but I find they really do help.
    • CommentAuthortdod
    • CommentTimeJun 13th 2017
    Thanks so much for sharing your recommendations. I will start with butterbur and see how I go. Been a very rough week, so here's hoping.
    • CommentAuthorgomogo2000
    • CommentTimeJul 13th 2017
    Hi tdod! This is a little off-topic, but I wanted to share some important information with you. I live in the U.S., but am of Northern European descent (Irish, Swedish, and German). My sister and I have been trying different attempts for healing the last 10 years, and we (especially she) have come to the conclusion that following the diet of our N. E. ancestors is the healthiest diet. My sister has spent hours and hours reading through research, and removing the sals 6 months ago was the final piece of the puzzle that convinced us that the N.E. diet was what we needed all along. The reason I bring this up is cause you mentioned that you are from the UK, and have been eating more and more salad, and less and less meat and dairy. This is NOT how our ancestors ate...and it's a dangerous growing trend that seems to be taking off. Here is her website, and if you want to look at it, pay special attention to the PowerPoint at the top of the page.
    Hi Terry,
    I hope you're doing better now.
    I'm having sinus problems right now and I find that inhaling steam and weekly lymphatic drainage massage (very costly) really helps.
    I'm currently using Avamys nasal spray x3 a day.
    I also do warm compresses for my face and exercises. There's tons of videos on youtube.
    I do these exercises daily: Neck Stretches: For Thyroid, Sinuses, Vision, Relaxation Neck Pain & Pinched Nerve Forward Head Posture & Neck Pain Drainage of Eustachian Tubes

    Just found this, looks good:
    • CommentAuthorRita
    • CommentTimeJul 22nd 2017
    Hi tdod, I would suggest adding Vit. K1 to your D supplement, as this will help direct the calcium in your diet to the right places, (unless you are on blood thinners) and make sure you are cutting out sugar from your diet. An imbalance in intestinal bacteria and yeast could be your trigger.
    • CommentAuthorRosemary63
    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2017
    Hi tdod, Terry,
    I'm Rosemary and I live in Gloucester UK. I had a severe allergic reaction to Asprin in my 30's and also Ibuprofen a few years later. I have asthma, chronic sinus problems and occasionally hives. Four years ago I was on antibiotics for sinus infections, ear infections and chest infection. I was so desperate that I googled symptoms and came up with a site for Sampter's Triad (not sure that's how you spell it). Got first info on Salicylate sensitivity and did 14 days on low salicylate diet. Results were dramatic! I have now kept myself free of wheezing for the last four years.
    But my G P's don't recognise this. As I have never been tested they look at me as though I am eccentric at the best. I now rarely have sinus problems and my litmus paper symptom is my ears getting itchy and beginning to weep clear fluid.
    How did you get your referral to an immunologist? Was it through the NHS? No one has offered me such a referral and I had very short shrift from the ENT dept when I asked about ss.