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    • CommentAuthorcarlienn
    • CommentTimeJun 16th 2017
    Hi All, I am new to this page and my problems might be slighty different from..... as I see most are .....I am allergic to Sulfates, Sulfites, Sulfa(used in medicine) Salicylates and Benzoates. I have gone into anaphalactic shock 4 times this year so far..... Variious reasons..... I am a type 2 diabetic also.... of course.... ok so here is.the story been allergic alk my lofe.... did not.always know why. About 2 yars a go we moved from the farm to town.... since then my reactions is out of control. I have this week reaslised that we have 2 huge poplar the yard behind us..... their leaves and seeds.are all over..... realisation poplar is a salicylate..... did anybody else experience this?
    What is the link between sulfate and salicylate allergies?
    Those allergic to Sulfates.... did you get your water tested? I can only used reverse osmosis water..... 0 Sulfates?
    Howmany react to plant?

    For now this my questions.
    • CommentAuthorcarlienn
    • CommentTimeJun 16th 2017
    GEE I have so many question Why is usin molydenym,is it helping?
    Secondly who use activated charcoal? Who use DS24 as a supplement?
    • CommentAuthorcarlienn
    • CommentTimeJun 18th 2017
    Hi Thank you Wutamess, I've had a pretty bas weekend..... so would appreciate any advice. 2 BAd reaction in the last 2 days, the one I can understand the reason for..... the other a mistery......
    Anybody had bad reactions from just touching spice?
    Anybody here that goes into anaphlactic shock, or similar?
    Does anybody else use Phenegran and Pulmison after reactions? Goodor bad?

    Tomorrow is Monday again so back to adding more stress to my troubled system..... which after these 2 days are going to be tough..... but hey I am thankful for another day...... but the term die another day rings true in my ears.

    May you all be Sal free this week
    Hi Carlienn,

    I'm sorry for your troubles.

    I cant really help you with the rest, but before being diagnosed (also allergic to Salicylates and Benzoates, amongst other things) I did get treated with promethazine (phenergan) twice.

    Both times it was a 25 mg dose at the ER, once an injectable and the other a blue pill.

    Having read about others reactions I would characterize my reactions as mild, the symptom that bothers me the most is urticaria on my legs and occasionally a feeling of something on my throat (my specialist assures me its simply post nasal drip and my reflux).

    I really dislike having promethazine in pill form (in any form actually) as its a strong sedative and you feel the effects well into the following day. I wake up feeling hung over, if I'm not mistaken it takes 24 hours for the drug to clear your system.

    However its a fast acting drug (for me at least), relieves my symptoms quickly and I have at least 2 hours before I absolutely must sleep.
    • CommentAuthormaple
    • CommentTimeJun 25th 2017
    As far as I know people usually react to sulphite and not sulphate. Sulphate is beneficial because your body uses it to eliminate salicylates.

    I think most if not all pollens contain salicylate, and plants can also emit methyl salicylate as a VOC even if it's not pollen season. My worst asthma attacks usually happen during birch pollen season. I am allergic to birch pollen, but the asthma attacks have always been delayed by hours after exposure, which suggests to me it's more the salicylate than the allergic reaction that's the problem since allergic reactions are more immediate. Last summer I got so frustrated with having an asthma attack after every time I went outside and feeling trapped in my apartment with my HEPA filters that I decided to try Woodyknows nasal filters, and they worked wonders, but I didn't get them till after birch season had peaked. This year I was outside for 5 hours using the filters on the first moderate birch pollen day and wasn't experiencing any allergic reaction, but then the next morning my eyes were blood red, and the day after that I developed the worst allergic shiners ever and even felt slightly asthmatic. Pretty sure it was a delayed reaction to the salicylate in the pollen that got in my eyes and then probably drained into my sinuses with my tears and wound up being swallowed and causing asthma eventually. This was 5 weeks ago, and my allergic shiners still haven't cleared up probably because I'm still getting more pollen in my eyes when I go outside: I've been closing my left eye and squinting with my right eye when the wind blows in my face, and it's noticeable the one on the left is only half as bad as the one on the right now, lol. I'm going to try to get some cycling goggles to see if that helps keep the pollen out of my eyes, although this is feeling kind of ridiculous the lengths I have to go to to avoid salicylates.