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    • CommentAuthordario75
    • CommentTimeJul 10th 2017
    Hi All. Im hoping some of you can help me out with my query.

    When I was around 11/12 years old I had a severe rection to aspirin and codeine. Swelling of eyes and mouth, difficuly breathing, itchyness and was told I was allergic to aspirin. I did have another 2 more incidents in the next years or so where doctors administered medicine that had aspirin and codeine in it in error ie myprodol. I have never touched another aspirin or codeine ever again and Im 42 now.

    However I came across this site when looking into the ingredients in my new face wash and moisuturizer and salicylic acid, is one of them and I was horrified to find out that aspirin is a form of salicylic acid. The mositurizer has butyloctyl salicylate and ethylhexyl salicylate amongst other ingreditens. Delving deeper on this forum I also have just found out how many foods including fruits, vegetables etc have salicylates in them.

    Im here becuase Ive never had any adverse reactions with food that I have eaten and I eat a lot of salicylate high foods. My favourite fruit is a bag full of cherries(apparently very high). All these are supposed to be high in salicylates but Ive never had a problem. I also didnt get any adverse reactions using this face wash or moisturizer. Only used it for two days though.

    Can someone just be allergic to aspirin and not be allergic to salicylic acid? Should i start looking out for products that have any salicylates in them and avoiding these now? Im quite sure since my last attack i must have come into contact with hundreds of salicylates? Confused.
    By reactions do you mean something as dramatic like before?

    Salicylic acid is part of the same family but not exactly the same thing as aspirin.

    I've never reacted to aspirin or others NSAIDS but the daily use of salicylic acid containing products was one of the major things that lead to me finally getting a diagnosis.

    If you had asked me I would I've said I've never had a reaction to those products, I mean if you use a chemical exfoliant its supposed to tingle (also itchiness on my shins couldn't be because of my body lotion it was recommended by a dermatologist and my skin was moisturized without visible signs of irritation).
    Yet I've had joint pain, allergic shiners, inexplicable headaches, sudden cramps, etc etc for a really long time I would never have associated it to my taking NSAIDS drugs and sals.

    Sometimes we're asymptomatic until we have a reaction.

    I would avoid those ingredients if I were you.
    • CommentAuthorRita
    • CommentTimeJul 22nd 2017
    dario, although aspirin contains salicylates, the amount of salicylates in aspirin is concentrated. Sal sensitive people are not really allergic, just sensitive, so we would react to the amounts of sals in said product. So while you might react to aspirin, you could be just fine with fruits. It all matters on how quickly your body is able to break down the chemical in your system. You might find one day as you grow older though, that suddenly that bag of cherries is giving you a headache. That would be because as we age, our body, most probably our liver is not able to detox as quickly as it used to.