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    • CommentAuthorSAGA
    • CommentTimeAug 2nd 2017

    I am a new member and have a question concerning salicylates and hay fever and others with which I am hoping you may help me... I have been on the failsafe diet for 7 years. I have consulted your site often and the Fedup site also. I mostly follow a stage 1 diet that is extremely limited. (I do not follow the Feingold diet since it seem to have too many things which don't agree with me.) I have anaphylactic symptoms when I have too much salicylates.

    Hay fever
    In the last few years, I thought I had issues with certain foods in June and July; however I am starting to think that this is related to hay fever and salicylates. This year was really bad and it lasted part of June and most of July. My symptoms usually start with burping and then my throat feels tight to the point that I have a hard time swallowing. The first time it happened this year there did not seem to be any correlation with any food. I did not eat anything different then what I was eating in the last three months. I know my bucket was probably a bit full, but I was wondering if it was a common occurence related to hay fever for those of you who are extremely sensitive.
    Do you sometimes have anaphylactic symptoms or become very sensitive in these months ? Is this a common occurence? I live in a very rural area with many trees.

    It is normal to develop burping as a symptom after having food that has too much salicylates? I had to use an epi-pen twice because after burping for hours I could no longer swallow... I asked doctors but no one is very helpful when it comes to salicylates. I seem to burp after taking an epson salt and baking soda bath which seem to be the only thing alleviating my symptoms this summer, but these burps stop very quickly after and seem to help overall.

    Brown sugar
    Is brown sugar safe for very salicylate sensitive people? I always thought this was an issue before since 'caramel' colorant is a big problem for me, but now I am wondering if some of my symptoms could be related to something else... I don't have issues with roger's white sugar but I did seem to have issue with a Costco sugar before and it was a white refined.

    Canola oil and brown rice syrup
    Is canola oil and brown rice syrup really safe for very sensitive people? Again I thought this was an issue but maybe it is not. I did use organic brands before, but...

    Is there a body soap that is safe? I have been using Dove for sensitive skin for years since it seems to be ok but is there a better option?

    I seem to have issue with salmon but not with other amines that I could see but most of my food is very fresh. Does salmon have more amines than other foods even if it is a month old?

    Omega 3 and 6
    Any brands you would recommend?

    • CommentAuthorwutamess
    • CommentTimeAug 3rd 2017
    Hey Saga!

    I too, get really effected in the spring/ early summer. Its all the pollens in the air for me. I live in a rural / ag area and can react to cutting of certain crops, pesticide/herbicide sprays, molds from certain crops, dust, ect. My throat feels tight at times. I am also on a very limited diet, which I rotate. Just the smell of certain crops can make my throat tight. Also, in my area we live in a bowl and get a lot of smoke from the fires settle down to the valley. Today, I can not see the mountains which are 5 miles away due to the smoke. This year my histamines have been extremely high, and I have been shedding more than normal hair ( this is a histamine thing for me ) I have also had an extremely hard time being outside or getting anything done between 10 am and 3 pm. The UV index has been extremely high. It almost feels like I am under a magnifying glass and the sun is burning a hole in me .

    When my belly feels upset or acidy, I take about 1 tsp of baking soda in water to help calm it. Have you tried taking it to help with the burping?

    As a general rule, no sugar is good sugar! If you have to eat it, they do have organic sugar which is a light brown color naturally, it has not been processed with chemicals like white sugar. Costco use to sale organic sugar.

    Canola oil is extremely toxic.
    "" Because of canola's high sulfur content, it goes rancid easily, which can exacerbate allergies and compound problems for people with bronchial or asthmatic issues. "" ... ...

    For a while I was eating Safflower Oil about every 5 days, frying my butternut squash in it, but I started having knee joint pain and
    removed it form my diet and the pain went away, so for me it is highly inflammatory . When I cook duck, I save the oil from that and use it to cook my squash in now or if I need oil for something. Duck fat is not like chicken fat and I have not found it to be really high in histamines.

    I have eaten organic brown rice syrup, and it did tend to mess with my blood sugar but was no where as bad as eating regular sugar.
    I try to get along with out it .

    I use Calben Soap. They have a shampoo ( ) that I use for both my hair and body soap. It is the only soap I found that does not effect me. I also use their lotion, laundry detergent and dish soap. Occasionally, I need something a little stronger for my husbands clothes and will put in some 20 mule team borax in the wash. It has not effected me yet! I dont like the smell of the Cal Ben bar body soap. Their liquid soaps are concentrated. One gallon of laundry soap will last me 90 days. Which is about 10.00 per month!

    Fish needs to be caught and cooked or Frozen within 30 minutes to help with the histamine issues. Bacteria Grow on fish rapidly after death. I dont eat fish but with my other meat, I dont leave it un frozen in the fridge . I usually take it out of the freezer and put it in water to start thawing and start cooking it while it is still frozen.

    I can't help with the Omega..... Sorry!

    Be Blessed
    • CommentAuthorSAGA
    • CommentTimeAug 3rd 2017
    Many thanks Wutamess!

    I was feeling like I was going crazy with my reactions this summer. Your symptoms are very similar to mine. This year has also been crazy for me and my symptoms are unexpected and sudden. Going outside probably did not help. We seem to live in similar surroundings, but I don’t live in the bowl We had fires also were I live and I think this worsen the problem for me. I wonder if with all the wood burning there was even more pollen and therefore airborne salicylates.

    Interesting about the hair. I had the same issues in my teens when I was reacting severely. No one was able to pinpoint my reactions as with many other times and they went away.

    I have tried ingesting the baking soda in water, but I get severe heartburns from it. So I am sticking to the baths. This seemed to have helped my symptoms this summer. The burping is usually a sign for me that my bucket is full and I usually have to take a reactine because when they start they often will not stop and that’s when my throat tightens and it gets to the point that I can’t swallow. I was wondering if this is similar to some peoples who are sensitive to salicylates?

    Being diabetic I need sugary snacks and find that I am greatly limited in things to carry. Therefore, I do use Roger’s white sugar and maple syrup in my cooking. However, I did have some reactions to what I believe to be other white sugar, more unrefined sugar and light brown sugar. I was wondering if that was common?

    Interesting about the canola oil. I did not know that it is not a plant, nor that it was a common GMO. I had heard about GMOs using mustard to hybrid fruits and vegetables to better combat some crop issues.

    I use safflower, sunflower, a safe butter and homemade lard. They seem ok for me. I was wondering about canola since many people say it is low-sal, but I seemed to have issues with it.
    I am concerned about using so much butter and lard, however since my doc says that my cholesterol is starting to be too high for a diabetic and I am trying to avoid taking meds.

    I really wonder about the organic brown rice syrup. I wonder if I reacted to something else…

    Thanks for the suggestion. I found the ingredients… I am concerned about the almond oil that is used. I have reacted severely to almond oil on my skin. I get extremely itchy skin. I wonder how much of it they use and what vegetable protein they use… I have not seen the ingredient for their shampoo however…

    Interesting about the fish. I did not know about the histamines that can be created if we wait to cook it or freeze it. I was wondering why I reacted to canned tuna and salmon. Is this a common problem?

    Again big thank you!
    • CommentAuthorwutamess
    • CommentTimeAug 7th 2017
    According to Dr Christopher Shade, when forest burn they release mercury in the air. So many things are pollenating in the spring, no telling what exactly sets us off.
    Last year, my neighbor mowed his Mustard seed crop and for the next few days a lot of molds were in the air and every time I went outside I would get really grouchy -grouchiness is a effect I get when I come in contact via air or touch, smell with something I am allergic to.

    Watch this video: Oiling of America by Sally Fallon She will give you a different view on what the doctors say is too much Cholesterol...

    I am not sure what is in the CalBen soap.. I think you can get sample bottles and try them out.

    Here is an interview with Dr. Janice Joneja who specialized in Histamines. While this video is more for histamines than other food sensitivities you can pick up a lot of information that can help you with your journey. video one Video 2

    I grow most of my own meats - duck, chicken, turkey, lamb, beef - I am able to get the meat in the freezer right after it is processed. I dont think I would be able to
    eat meat if I had to rely on buying my meat from the butcher or store, because they dont get it frozen fast and it can be 5 days unfrozen before it gets to me and that is way too long when you have histamine issues.
    Here is a histamine chart....

    When I cut all the bad foods out of my diet, my extremely low blood sugar stabilized. Before that , I would control it with protein foods, not sugar foods. Doesn't eating sugars put you on an up and down roller coaster?

    You are welcome...

    Be Blessed
    • CommentAuthorSAGA
    • CommentTimeAug 10th 2017
    Hi Wutamess,

    I had heard about the cholesterol issue. That is why I am refusing to take meds at the moment. Doctors are now said to ask all diabetics to take these medications after 15 years of being diabetic since we are a special case. However, I still want to see if I can reduce it a bit naturally.

    I will look into the other video.

    Interesting about the histamine. This is a bit new to me and I am just learning about it.

    I am a type 1 diabetic on a pump. Also I find that my sugars have not necessarily stabilized more with this diet since I always had a really good HA1C. I just used to have juice and fruits when I went low but now with those being so high in salicylates I have to have more sweet snacks and these have to be easy to carry around.