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    • CommentAuthorShell71
    • CommentTimeAug 18th 2017
    I'm looking into salicylate free diet for my fatigue- I fear I wouldn't be eating anything! Everything I love and eat regularly (yes this is most likely why I feel so tired) is on the high list! I work long hours and have a family so use quick food (lots of fruit, yogurt, porridge and then slow cooker meals/pasta)
    The example diet I've found was plain porridge, golden delicious apples, sandwich, plain chicken and rice. How do you stick with it? Or do you cut it all out and then very slowly reintroduce foods to see if tolerated?
    • CommentAuthorSAGA
    • CommentTimeAug 18th 2017

    When you start you have to be very strict. I know for myself the last thing to go in my failsafe diet was coffee and once I did that I felt better after two weeks. I believe that for others it took a bit longer. I think I read that for some it may have been a month or two. It seems to depend on your symptoms. Since mine are throat tightness and anaphylactic symptoms, I know often very quickly but sometimes it can take some time (up to a week for myself) to accumulate in your body. After this very strict diet, you introduce one item and see if you react. I personally wait a week to make sure all is good. If you still feel good you can try some more and see how your sensitivity is from there. If you are a busy parent this will be hard. You will need to cook and freeze muffins, cookies, breads, soups, meatballs, etc to be able to take out when needed. You should be able to find some plain yogurt and porridge to eat. You can add pear puree and maple syrup to make them tasty. The diet is pretty plain for taste. My family uses spices on the side to add taste for some of my dishes. Bragg's is my friend if you can tolerate soy protein and is tasty in many things. Here is the link to recipes in case you do not have it:
    Good luck!