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    • CommentAuthorSAGA
    • CommentTimeAug 20th 2017

    I really need help. I have been on a low sal diet for 7 years. I have lactose intolerance but am doing good on fresh goat's milk. I was able to have medium salicylates once in a while but this summer has been really bad. I am having throat issues (anaphylactic symptoms) every two/ three days. It was getting better but now it is getting worse again. I have tried to eat at the lower end but I wonder if I am still doing something wrong... I have hay fever in the summer and we had a lot of wildfires this summer and this seems to be making everything worse and dangerous for me...

    The foods I was eating and am wondering if I should avoid..: fresh beans (green and yellow), cold pressed sunflower oil, can't find old white potatoes but got some new white potatoes (are they really high for me to react this bad?), eggs, einkorn flour...

    Since I have been reacting so bad I thought to change my soap dove for sensitive skin to an emu oil soap that has cocoa... Would this make my histamine higher and this bad?

    Anyone know if Einkorn flour has a lot of salicylates? I introduced it this summer thinking it was more healthy and did not see a correlation with it and my symptoms, but maybe I should stick to only white flour?

    I have started to do epson salt baths with baking powder again in hopes it might help diminish the problems.

    If anyone could tell me what they stick to when they are really in danger? I am tired of taking my epi-pen out every two/three days. Luckily I was able to use reactine and compounded benadryl to ease my symptoms without having to take the epi-pen.

    Thanks for your help!
    • CommentAuthorwutamess
    • CommentTimeAug 20th 2017
    fresh beans (green and yellow), MED to HIGH IN OXALATES

    cold pressed sunflower oil, I CANT HANDLE IT>> NOT SURE WHAT IT IS HIGH IN

    can't find old white potatoes but got some new white potatoes POTATOES ARE PART OF THE NIGHT SHADE FAMILY AND VERY HIGH IN HISTAMINES

    eggs, .... Can cause histamine release

    einkorn flour... EINKORN FLOUR IS still in the wheat family.

    My diet consists of Brown Jasmine rice, cow peas, butternut squash, yellow apple sauce, beef, duck, chicken, turkey, bison, elk, lamb, sometimes - green peas - white sushi rice - green grapes,

    ( and I tried some rice syrup the other day, and it did not mess with my blood sugar)

    Be Blessed
    • CommentAuthorSAGA
    • CommentTimeAug 20th 2017
    Thanks Wutamess,

    I will avoid those things for now. I am very frustrated at the moment and am hoping for improvement soon. My restricted diet is being cut in half at the moment since I am reacting so bad. I know for myself I can't do Jasmine rice since it is higher in salicylates and can only do green grapes when my salicylates are really really low, but I do have a short brown rice that does not give me issue. I really thing the smoke and the ashes in the air is the biggest issue, but I have to find a temporary solution to limit my reactions :( I usually don't react to potatoes, but I mostly get the old ones. I did not know they were also high in histamines...

    What exactly are oxalates? I know for me it is mostly histamines and salicylates, but am unaware of what are oxalates.

    • CommentAuthorwutamess
    • CommentTimeAug 21st 2017
    Here is a link to the Low Oxalate page... They also have a very informative yahoo groups.

    I am sure you are already doing this, but make sure your food is Organic.

    Try switching the brand of food you can't handle, such as the rice, I eat Lundberg Organic Brown Jasmine rice. I have never had an issue with Sals or Oxalates with it.
    ( I realize you can't handle it, This is just an example) Most of the rice that is grown in USA is from the gulf coast states, most of the Lundberg rice is grown in California
    which has a different soil content. Supposedly, the gulf states rice has more arsenic in it where the California rice does not. I can't eat a tangelo grown in Chile but I can
    eat one that came from Australia.

    You can find all kinds of info online about nightshade food family ..

    " A category of food to watch for those with autoimmune diseases as inflammation is one of the main reactions. First, nightshades are vegetables and fruits that contain saponins, alkaloids, and lectins. While most people are completely fine digesting these, some are not. Often connected to gluten or dairy intolerences, symptoms of a nightshade intolerance overlap. Symptoms can include: digestive distress (heartburn, nausea, diarrhea, gas, bloating, gurgling, IBS, leaky gut), mood swings, depression, headaches, joint pain or stiffness, muscle aches, insomnia, malabsorption (iron, calcium, minerals)."

    In the past I have went out of town for a week and all my issues cleared up. Then they promptly returned when I got back to town... Have you tried going somewhere else to see if it helps?

    Do you eat meat at all?

    What about vitamins? Do you take them? I react to most of the ingredients in vitamins and have had to stay clear of them.

    Have you ever just CUT EVERYTHING out of your diet and ate just two things for a few weeks- then added stuff back one at a time and to see if you reacted?

    Hope you are feeling better

    Be Blessed
    • CommentAuthorSAGA
    • CommentTimeAug 21st 2017
    I eat Lundberg Organic short Brown rice. This one is fine for me. I also use their arborio and sushi brand also on occasion, but it makes my sugar go higher. Good to know that their soil is better for sals.

    I usually get my white potatoes from a local farmer but I have about 4 months where I don't have any since he is planting them. I do better with them in December because by then they are old, but I never reacted this severally to them before. However, I never had the warba potatoes before and usually I am able to find some that are a bit older. I guess I will have to avoid them for a while.

    My issues sadly follow me. I have gone away and reacted also. I bring all my food with me. Last year I did really good when I was away, but I made sure to not share my pots and pans since I will react to traces amounts.

    I eat lots of meat. My meat comes from a local butcher and is mostly free range. He takes care to wrap it only in butcher paper and not to weight the meat on the little wax paper that has corn oil and other bad stuff that makes me react on the long term. He really is God sent. I have used his meat for 6 years without issue. I eat chicken, pork, beef and some turkey but not often and not lately.

    I stay away from my vitamins when things get really bad just to make sure... I have this brand: Quest multivitamins and minerals for teen girls her daily one. I like to take them for the iodine and zinc. I don't react to them, but when I am super sensitive I stop them just to make sure. They don't have bioflavonoids which I think is an ingredient/vitamin that I react to since it is made with fruits. This brand is the only one that I found that the non-medicinal ingredients seem safe to me: Magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, gelatine.

    I am good with gelatine. I have done homemade marshmallows before without issue.

    I am down to just a few things. I am starting again what I did when I felt good two weeks ago. I am back to buckwheat porridge with a bit of maple syrup for taste, occasional toasts from my safe bread, butter, rice and meat. I have cut out my milk and a lot of my gluten intake just to help out with my gut. I think it is inflamed a bit and this might be why I am reacting more also. I usually do ok with my local goat's milk, a safe cheese, but I am a bit lactose intolerant so I stay away from it when I am really sensitive.

    I really think it must have been those potatoes. I did not know they were high in histamines. Also, I went out for a drink with my husband a few days ago. Just water and vodka but from what I read alcool is also a histamine releaser... I did not know this either... I only knew that tomatoes and chocolate were big histamine releasers, but I did not know that many foods did the same.

    I am just unsure what to do with "the soap works: emu oil" or go back to dove sensitive... I guess the question would be is the coconut or the cocoa safer at the moment...

    Thanks for your support Wutamess
    • CommentAuthorwutamess
    • CommentTimeAug 21st 2017
    I am glad the brown rice works for you. Have you ever tried the blue or Purple potato? I use to grow and eat those. Not sure how they rate with Sals, but at the time they were lower in starch and I could handle them better.

    LOL... I dont share me pots and pans either! My husband always teases me that he might get Kooties on my dishes!

    I use to make tinctures with Vodka. I searched high and low to find a vodka made with ORGANIC ingredients. Back then, most vodka I could find was made with Potatoes or corn. Most potatoes and corn is GMO. I did find one organic Rum made with pure sugar cane. Check to see what that vodka was made with!!!!!

    Research Pork and inflammation. I read a thing a while back that said that WHEAT CORN AND PORK are the three highest inflammation causing foods. This might not be your case, but its good to know in case it is.

    Not at all trying to tell you what to do, just throwing out suggestions or being a sounding board....

    Hopefully you find the culprit!

    Be Blessed
    • CommentAuthorSAGA
    • CommentTimeAug 21st 2017
    I did try at the start purple potatoes, but those were too high in Sals for me. I will react to yellow potatoes or other types after a while. I just never have reacted this bad to new white potatoes before nor vodka but knowing it has histamines probably makes sense. I stay away from corn and rarely eat pork but thanks for letting me know about the inflammation that they can cause:) I stay away from rum since they say it has lots of sals. It must be a combination of things. My province is on fire all over and with so much smoke in the air combined with my hay fever and Sals intolerance I guess it is making my bucket extremely full of Sals and histamines, so I must be reacting to all things that have tiny amounts of either. I've never had this much difficulty since I have been on my Sals diet.

    My husband has his pots and pans for his non safe things at home too and I have mine :)
    • CommentAuthorWendy Lady
    • CommentTimeAug 24th 2017
    I too have been reacting to potatoes and haven't had any in ages, I did read that here in the EU they are permitted to spray fresh potatoes and grapes with sulphites so thought that was likely the problem for me before I'd heard of salicylates...... So now I have a bunch of potatoes growing on my patio that should be ready by December, fingers crossed I can have roast spuds with my xmas dinner!

    I have my first allergist appointment next week and have been told not to take antihistamines for 3 days prior, so I am planning on hiding inside my flat with the air purifier on and all the windows and doors shut. The air purifier has made a tremendous difference as we live close to a main road.

    Perhaps we should start keeping our pans separate too, I wash them thoroughly every time but perhaps this is not enough.
    • CommentAuthorSAGA
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2017
    Hi Wendy Lady,

    When I first started out, I was only able to have potatoes without issues around Christmas. They were old enough by then.

    For the pans, I strongly recommend having different ones. When I visited my sister, I used to use her pans. I washed them good with my safe soap but it did not make a difference, I still had some reaction. Last year, when I went to visit, I used stainless steel/ aluminium pans, washed them good with baking soda and kept them separate. I had no reactions. So if you have some small reactions, it could well be sharing your pans.
    • CommentAuthorWendy Lady
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2017
    Hi SAGA

    I haven't gotten any safe soap for the dishes yet, I started noticing recently that washing up was affecting me and giving me a sore throat and headache... I'll wash the pans with bicarb and hopefully that will help! I'll search the forum for information on what I can use to clean my home as I really struggle with generic cleaners. I have used a lot of white vinegar (+bicarb) for cleaning but I have been reacting to various types of vinegar so have been very cautious of using it, but I think the generic store bought cleaners might be worse :(
    • CommentAuthorSAGA
    • CommentTimeAug 27th 2017
    I use regular palmolive, but I do use gloves. I use This one was recommended as having no corn when I thought I had a corn allergy. I have used it for 7 years without major issues, but I would recommend using gloves when doing dishes. I often use it to do my floors also. I can't do vinegar myself and I find the smell triggers my reactions, so I avoid vinegar. I do have store cleaners, but I try to keep it to low smelling ones and it seems ok for me. Some on this site seem to like the Seventh generation products... I have not used them. The only time I used a more organic detergent (Ecos) I was itchy all over and got hives. It has a lot of coconut which is high in sals and I react a lot to it. I would recommend avoiding any soap that has red or yellow colorants which are high in sals. I react really bad to Sunlight soap for dishes. Baking powder is really good to clean stubborn dishes, sinks and tubs.