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    • CommentAuthorCindy
    • CommentTimeAug 31st 2017
    Hi, I live in Washington State, USA and some times the vegetable names on the food list are not names that I'm familiar with. I've done some internet searching and it seems like marrow, zucchini and courgette are all the same vegetable. Is that correct?
    Zucchini and Courgette are definitely the same thing, but I'm unsure about marrow, as marrow often refers to a different type of squash.
    • CommentAuthorCindy
    • CommentTimeSep 1st 2017
    Backtohealth - Thank you. I'll try to find marrow, since it's listed as being lower in sals.

    Now, eggplant and aubergine. My searches say that they're the same thing. Peeled aubergine is listed as having moderate sals, eggplant is listed as having high sals. If I peel my eggplant, does it change to moderate sals? Or, are they not the same vegetable and so it won't work that way?