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    • CommentAuthorJJORG78
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2017
    I'm so happy to have discovered this forum. I hope to get some advice regarding my condition. About me: I'm a male, 39 years old, living in Virginia. I have two autoimmune disorders: Sjogren's and Hashimoto Thyroiditis. For about two years I've been experiencing painful conjunctivitis and facial flashing. I started avoiding salicylates and histamine, which helped somewhat. Recently I had functional medicine tests indicating SIBO overgrowth and dysbiosis (I understand these can boost histamine levels in the body). Accordingly, I started taking herbal remedies full of salicylates. Not smart. My system become completely overloaded, and I have not been able to return to baseline. I have facial and body flushing, anxiety, swollen and red eyes, burning ears, and fatigue. All of these are Classic histamine reactions, I believe. My questions:

    1. I'm eating brown short-grain rice, fresh beef, fresh lamb, cooked apples and celery, ghee, and egg yolks. I can't seem to maintain weight. Suggestions? I seem to react to all foods right now.

    2. I believe my liver is having trouble processing salicylates and histamine because I have SIBO-induced leaky gut. Has anyone has success supplementing to improve liver function? Also, what about saunas to help detox?

    3. I want to start treating the SIBO but don't think herbal remedies will work. Any experience with treating dysbiosis? Garlic? Other remedies I might tolerate?

    Thank you all I'm advance for your responses.
    • CommentAuthorAvatar
    • CommentTimeOct 25th 2017
    JJORG--From what I've read, Rifaximin is a well-tolerated antibiotic used for SIBO, and shouldn't cause problems SS-wise.
    I tolerate grapefruit seed extract well, which is a natural antiomicrobial. (I do not do well with fresh grapefruit, but the seed extract works for me.) Colloidal silver might also help.
    Finding a probiotic that works is always good for health. I like the Renew Life brand, but there are lots of recommendations on this site.

    Once you feel like the bacteria are under control, try white sushi rice to gain weight. Fats from nuts (like cashews) may also help. I also tolerate rice bran oil.

    Try milk thistle for liver. I recommend using a liquid extract so you can start very small (like one drop at a time) and work up.

    Also look into glutamine. Some people have problems with it converting to glutamate, but glutamine feeds the villi that line your gut, which can help to heal leaky gut. I feel it definitely helps my digestion.
    Some people like zinc carnosine for helping leaky gut, but I could not tolerate it at all.

    Saunas are probably good, too--if nothing else, they should help relax you! Please let us know about your progress!
    • CommentAuthorThoutencers
    • CommentTimeOct 26th 2017 edited
    Hi there i really understand what you feel, my brother has the same problems and i really feel sad for him and i just want to help him as much as i can. The thing is that i just decided to be here with you, especially because i really hope to learn and to understand what to do, to be able to help him back! :( It's really hard for our family to go on, my mom is feeling bad because of my brother and she started to search on and is using drugs... I feel so bad because of this!
    • CommentAuthormaple
    • CommentTimeOct 28th 2017
    I've heard white, short-grained rice is safer than brown. I've been eating sushi rice.

    Also, apples have salicylate in them, so make sure they are ripe, peeled, golden delicious if you're going to have any at all, and even then I wouldn't eat them daily, because the trouble with eating low-salicylate items is there's always a degree of randomness to how much salicylate they have and a reaction could build up.

    Are you able to eat green cabbage? It's loaded with vitamins K and C. I can't eat anything raw, but I like to add a bunch of chopped cabbage near the end of cooking a stew. Also, I like to make chicken soup with rutabagas, celery, bamboo shoots, rice, and a little maple syrup for flavour.