Information on Salicylates and Salicylate Sensitivity

On this page you will find information about salicylate, salicylate intolerance and anything related to the subject. I hope that it will be a helpful resource and learning tool for you and I want it to be as complete as possible. So, if you have questions about salicylate sensitivity or salicylates in general that are not covered here please feel free to head over to the forum.
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What is Salicylate Sensitivity/Salicylate Intolerance?

In high enough doses salicylates are harmful to everyone. However, most people can handle average amounts of salicylate in food, products and medications without any adverse affects on their health. But, there is a small percent of the population for which even a small dose of salicylates can be a problem. Some adults and children may develop symptoms and health problems from salicylates which are dose-related. This is called ‘Salicylate Sensitivity’ or ‘Salicylate Intolerance’ and is different than an allergy. People with salicylate intolerance are unable to handle more than a certain amount of salicylates at a time. The tolerated amount and items vary slightly from person to person. Salicylates also have a cumulative effect in the body and build up over time, this means that a salicylate sensitive person may be able to tolerate a small amount of salicylates but will experience symptoms after excessive exposure.