Information on Salicylates and Salicylate Sensitivity

On this page you will find information about salicylate, salicylate intolerance and anything related to the subject. I hope that it will be a helpful resource and learning tool for you and I want it to be as complete as possible. So, if you have questions about salicylate sensitivity or salicylates in general that are not covered here please feel free to head over to the forum.
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If I suspect that I am salicylate intolerant what can I do about it?

An elimination diet is the only way to accurately determine if salicylates are the cause of your health problems. To do this you must avoid salicylates (by eliminating products containing salicylate and limiting your diet to foods that do not contain salicylate or are very low in salicylates) for 4-6 weeks. Once your body has gotten rid of the stored salicylate your should notice a difference in your symptoms – each person is different and it takes different people different amounts of time before they begin to feel better. After the elimination process you can start re-introducing foods containing salicylate (start with foods that are low in salicylates, then moderate and then try foods that are higher in salicylates). If you notice your symptoms returning go back to having no salicylates (or at least things low in salicylate) and let your system clean out again. Keep careful track of what things you react to and begin to form a personalized diet of things you can and can’t tolerate, and amounts you can and can’t tolerate. Hopefully before long you will be feeling healthier and symptom free.

An elimination diet should only be attempted after you have consulted your doctor and your symptoms have been reviewed objectively – NEVER SELF DIAGNOSE.

Be careful when reintroducing salicylates into your system after an elimination period. If you are not careful severe reactions can occur. If you reduce the level of salicylates in your system and then reintroduce too many salicylates at once (as in taking an aspirin, which is packed with salicylate) you can go into anaphylactic shock, which could result in death. It is always best to consult a professional before attempting any new diet.