The world is full of information and sometimes these days it’s hard to find the information you are looking for amidst the sea of options and opinions. That is why we created this resources page. We wanted everyone who came to the site to have a simple, clear, easy way to find the information that they need.

The resources contained on these pages are, of course, not exhaustive. They are just a starting place for you to learn more about health and hopefully find what you need. These lists are ever growing and if you know of additional books, links, or products that you feel are helpful and fit well with the purpose of this site we would love to hear about them. Please contact us at any time.

This page contains a list of books that are about allergies, sensitivities and general health. We at do not necessarily agree with everything in all of these books, but they are great references and resources for anyone struggling with sensitivities.

This is a list of links from all over the web that contain helpful information about salicylate sensitivity and multiple chemical sensitivity. We do not guarantee that they are the absolute best, or most current sites on the subject. But, we do recommend them as excellent starting places for your research.

This page will help you find salicylate free products for you and your family to enjoy. If you are trying to avoid saliyclates then these are great products to look into.